Replacement Marantz (Clearaudio) TT-15 ("Emotion") pulley?

It happened: I stripped one of the 3 clear plastic spindle screws that hold the motor pulley.

I could perform a glue-fix but I would rather replace the darn thing with a new one.

I already did an extensive Google search and perused the (OEM) Clearaudio site to no avail.

Any ideas?  I'll trade some vintage records for your's if it's survived the turntable...
You might try to wrap the threaded part of the screw with a bit of plumbers teflon tape and see if you can get enough bite to achieve the right torque until you can find a replacement screw.
Since it is a Marantz product (yes, I understand it is sourced from Clearaudio), you may want to start with Marantz service:
If there is enough thread left to get any sort of bite and there is possibly not enough room to accomadate the excellent idea of Teflon tape then maybe a drop or two of loctite rather than glue?

Good luck!
Hello, I came across your post and was wondering if you ever found a spare pulley for your TT-15. I am also looking for one and I am having a hard time finding one.