Replacement tweeter for Hales Transcendence 5?

Well, I managed to blow both tweeters on my Hales Transcendence 5s. I was recabling and forgot to turn off the amp.

The conventional recommendation as a drop-in replacement is a Seas Millenium from Madisound. Does anyone have any other ideas, or (unlikely) know where to get an exact replacement?

OK, just got off the phone with Madisound. They recommend the Seas T29MF-001, which is 4 ohms, as opposed to the 6 ohm millenium.

Still, any other suggestions?
Let me know how that works out. I'm a Hales T-5 owner as well. Man what a great speaker. Do you like yours as well?
I believe I emailed you Dawg, based on a post of yours I came across earlier today.

Love the Hales!!! Did you modify yours at all?

I'd like to get a copy of the crossover schematics. I'd also like to figure out how to get the back plate off. I figure as long as they're out of commission I might as well replace any capacitors, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Seditious3 - Unfortunately, I have three different email accounts, and I mostly check my gmail.

To answer your question... I haven't modified my Hales. I think Madisound can help you with either upgrading drivers, or providing a schematic.
I need to replace tweeters on Transcendence 3. What is the best? What make is the Original Equipment tweeter? Thanks All.
I recently had a kid come over and crush a dome on my T8s. (two of them actually)

I had a HARD time finding a replacement. I ended up finding an entire CASE of these tweeters from someone selling out a warehouse.

I have 7 brand new perfect spares. These are the original Vifa D26AG 38-04. I have no qualms keeping the whole stack of them for myself, as I have replaced a total of FIVE tweeters in my Trancendence 5 channel system over the course of a decade.

On the other hand, I could put a couple up for sale in the classifieds if there are any Hales owners missing a tweeter. I would be willing to list as many as three of them, if people are in a jam.

I was incredibly lucky to find these and was starting to panic. So I can imagine I was not the only one.
Hello Scotthurst ,One of my Hales Transcendence 5 tweeter was damaged my kid.
Can you sell one pair of the T5 tweeter to me?
I am looking for d26ag-36 tweeters. It says 4 ohms 909. Are these what you have? If so how much you are asking.