Replacing CDP

So my lightly used 12 yo Music Hall CD25.2 died.  Transport doesn't spin up.  Tried a few fixes suggested on the web but nothing.  I love the sound.  It wasn't high end by any means but it served our needs.
Looking for a replacement NEW under $500 if I can.  Looking at the Cambridge Audio AXC35 for 350.00 and the CXC v2 for $550.  Do I get much more for $200?
Also considered transport/dac and going with a music server.  But the CDP route looks the cheapest for now.
Any thoughts on a good new CDP?
Any CD player from the major companies will do just fine! No need to be so neurotic about choosing one over another!
Yes your right- i was looking at it as a transport with DAC.
Didn't think I was being neurotic :) just looking for some advice

the CXC is same as CXC v2 except for cosmetics. It's cheaper and sounds great. I used one with the Cambridge CXA60. The new low cost  Denon CD Players have gotten some good reviews.
The original CXC transport can be had for `~$350 new, delivered. Check out Audioconnection.