Resolution Audio Opus Players?

Lately,these players are appearing for sale and I am in the market to purchase a new digital player. I know it has been around for sometime.Is there a new player on the horizon from Resolution Audio? Have tastes changed for something Sony 5400,Playback Designs,computer audio? Is there a update to this player or is it old news?

Hey Chuckie,

I still use the Resolution Audio Opus 21, and I find it to be a near reference CD player, IMHO.
(It can be bettered, but typically only by units that cost two to three times its' cost. i.e. Audio Aero Capitole Mk II, or the EMM Labs CDSA, are two that come to mind.)

There is a new CD Player coming out from Resolution Audio, but it is not a replacement to the Opus 21, but a newer, more expensive unit, as it is supposedly a reference CD player. (FYI: This is from a discussion I had with Jeff Kalt, the owner-designer of Resolution Audio, a couple of months ago.)

The used prices for the Opus 21 are coming in around $1,600-1,800, which is about half the retail price of $3,500, which is about right for a unit that has been on the market for 10 years or so. If you are in the market for a great CD Player that comes from a company that has been around for awhile, and that offers great customer service, I can easily and heartily recommend Resolution Audio's line of CD players.

My two cents worth.
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Interesting, as that is news to me.

My unit, acquired second hand, (I believe it was a year old when I bought it), has been in use by me for a number of years, (five or six I believe), and the transport has never failed. And in fact it is still going strong.

However, I will readily admit that the laser did fail a couple of months ago, (@ Christmas time), and Jeff Kalt replaced it quickly and easily. Jeff did say that the laser is typically good for about five years, and mine lasted six or seven years, so apparently I bet the odds. (FYI, I dropped it off to him at his place in San Francisco, which may explain why he repaired it for such an unbelievably low price. You would not believe me if I told you the cost, so I will not bother. If you really want to know, email me.)

Buying ANY piece of equipment "used" is always a gamble. That is why one should attempt to buy used equipment that is made in one's own country, IMHO. Repair costs and shipping costs will be just that much lower, if and when the time comes to have it repaired and/or upgraded.
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And, if you're lucky, you might find a GNSC modded Opus 21 at just over two grand. I bought one of these direct from GNSC two years ago and have nothing but good things to say.

No problems to report, but the transport is slow to read.

Laser expected life span only 5 yrs? I have a Micromega Stage 6 cd player that is about 13 yrs old (purchased new for about $1000) and fairly heavily used. It is still going strong, never had any laser failure issue.

Compare this to today's megabuck players having laser problems within only a few yrs. Isn't it a money earning strategy for some manufacturers to leave weak points in their products just to guarantee them additional income in the future?
Thanks,guys for all the great responses.There's alot to research on the Revelation Opus 21 on 'Gon. It's still one of those great digital players after all these years and that speaks volumes about it's worthiness as a digital front end.It's not always the easiest decision to choose a
digital front end because it's in such a constant evolutionary state.I have no problem purchasing "used" as like most of us on 'Gon I have saved countless dollars and found equipment that I would not otherwise been able to afford or was willing to spend those amounts on. I also have interest in the supposedly new APL DAC that "might" be in production soon.Thanks,again, for all the replys!!

Kind Regards
I belive EARLY Opus 21 players had some transport issues. The problem has been resolved many years ago. IMO Opus 21 is still an outstanding CDP, and @ 1800 s/h a bargain.

Its cool feature is a spdif digital input that accepts 24/96 signals, which can be used to connect your Sqeezebox.
FWIW, I paid $2,400 for one a year old in March 2006 and have played CD's in it frequently since then with no signs of any problems. I hadn't noticed the price used had fallen so far. If I could find a fully Modded unit for even the same price I paid for the stock unit I'd think seriously about it. The Digital Input was a neccesity for me wishing to run my PC and DVD Player thru my Two Channel System. Finding one already refurbished would be wise that or bargaining the price as low as possible with an eye toward the evidently inevitable.