Revel M20 or Meadowlark Shearwaters?

In the future I'm considering these two choices, open to other options though in this price range. Would be powered by an Audio Research D130 amp. My room is medium sized, however the speakers would have to stand about 18 inches from the wall. Not worried about low end bass as I already am using a sub.

Thanks for any input.
I have not heard the Shearwaters, but own the M20s. The M20s are excellent speakers: neutral, extended highs, good midbass, detailed. I've got mine 18" from the back wall--no problems in my room, but my room is fairly large and well damped, so YMMV. The M20s just seem to get better every time I upgrade my associated equipment (cables, pre/amp, etc.).
Have a look at The just reviewed a new speaker from Focus Audio FS-688 which is a bookshelf speaker just like the Revels. The review appears to be quite a rave. Interestingly enough, the reviewer also make mention of the Revel M20's.
Don't no anything about the Shearwaters. I, too, own the M20s. Amazing speakers. Unfortunately I have to keep mine closer to the wall than I'd like to, because of the nature of my living room. As close as they are to the wall (12") they still sound wonderful. Don't use the Revel stands. They are poor. Read my review of the Sistrum Mini Monitor Platforms. Don't skimp on the stands. They are a significant extension of your speakers. peace, warren
I have heard both. They are two very diferent speakers. Of the two, the Shearwaters offer a fuller and more dynamic sound. They are more involving. The M20's are nice, clean, full range, but not as exciting. They also require a stands. The Meadowlars really work well with tubes. I doubt you would need a sub with either. And, as Warrenh said, don't skimp on the stands. They are critical. Shearwaters will need good spikes. It all depends on your ears, budget, room inteaction and the rest of your system.
Try the Plateau V23 23" stands, as they're $200 clones of the $500 Targets. Work great on fine monitors like the M20.
Warren, Ksales and I both heard this past summer in Chicago what we think were prototype Harmonic Precision Caravelle's speakers. Ksales is big into the clarity of the Revel sound [he has a few around his house]but he seemed mighty impressed by these all most finished marble looking cabinets. This mid size bookshelf had bass with weight and authority and a very large stage presence, very impressive when compared to some towering Dunlavys. These speakers were sitting on Paradigm J50 stands that sell for about $200. Warren, if there is to be a final pair of these babies I would have to hear them with your Sistrum stands, they could only be big and dynamically coherent.