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I consider myself a relatively sane and skeptical audiophile when it comes to devices that offer a higher level of performance with magical explanations of how they work. Well, I had read on Six Moons website a very postive review regarding the Acoustic Revive RR-77 room conditioner, yes room conditioner, but took it with a big grain of salt. Then my good friend and fellow GON member Ted Brady in a conversation tells me that he has not lost his mind, but the damn device worked wonders in his high end system. So, what the heck, it costs $400.00 and I can get one from Music Direct with a 30 day home audition and send it back if it does not work.

It's a very small box that you put behind your speakers at the height of five feet off the ground. It is a type of wave generater that puts into the room a subsonic frequency that either effects how you hear the system in the room or somehow effects the acoustic of the room it self. For alot more information regarding the theory regarding how it works you can go to Six Moons website for alot more details.

Well, I have no real idea how it produces the effects it does, but the damn thing works magic in the following areas:

1)A greater liquidity and oozyness in my system without a loss of PRAT or macrodynamics.

2)More dense images with greater air around each player in the soundstage.

3)A deeper/wider soundstage.

4)Everything sounds more relaxed and natural.

My girlfriend, who is a musician, heard it instantly when she walked in and asked me what did I do this time regarding a new piece of gear. So, I have no rational explanation how it works, but boy does it work in a significant postive way. So, if I have not lost my mind, I recommend you try one in your room. What the heck, you get a 30 day trial from Music Direct. Highly recommended!

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Thanks, I read the review a while back and wondered about it. I actually called Music Direct a few weeks ago and asked a salesman about it. He told me that, although he hadn't tried it, he didn't believe that it would be worth the price. I'm glad to hear that it is.

Hello Teajay, i just bought one for my listening room (23 X 23).I received the unit last evening i did not have the time to make a serious listening. I was only able to put the RR- 77 in a corner at about 6 fts high.Heard great things about an upgrade with the KINGREX PSU ( Power supply) who i was told it double the efficiency of the RR-77.I read also that adding a Shakti stone or Gut Wire Notepad will increase the performance of this Tweak...
What i note at this moment is a change in the acoustic of the room in the sense of more reverb or a better transmission of the atmosphere (recreate more the room or the space where the music have been recorded ???)
Note that my system was already sounding very natural and relaxed...
More to follow later on !!!
The effects of the RR-77 can be enhanced greatly by a few of these methods

a) Locate it a height of 1.5m at least so that the Schumann pulse can be generated over a wider area of the room

b) If you only own one set (I know some users have used up to 8 sets in their room), then try to locate it to the front and in the centre of the speakers for better focussing
Setup with 4 sets in front
c) The wall-wart of the RR-77 can be changed to a better power supply, I first used a DIY in Thailand power supply and then later just a Kingrex PSU. The power supply is around 12 V DC.

d) If you use a better DC power supply, the DC power cord can be upgraded to a better one, I tried an Oyaide cord, and it did improve.

e) You can open up the RR-77 and stick an Acoustic Revive QR-8 quartz insulator near the LED lamp to make it more quiet (LED dimmers are always noisy). See below link to locate the QR-8 quartz which is the black dot on the top left.
6moons photo of RR-77 internals with QR-8

f) You can also stick a QR-8 on the input jack of the DC cord to enhance the effect too
Hotbird, when you stated that you can use more then "one set", I'm assuming you mean more then one individual Acoustic Revive RR-77 at the same time. Do I have that right? I read somewhere that if you use more then one at a time, they can pulse at different times and that negates the sonic benefits of the device. Please share more information regarding this if you know more details.
Sorry I have not heard personally the effect of having more than 1 RR-77 unit, so would not be able to tell you whether it negates the sonic benefits. What I heard from the local distributor is that for the people who bought more than 1 unit, their listening space is quite large, and they like to listen to classical music. For them, it seems that having more than 1 RR-77 helps to reinforce the projection of a bigger and deeper soundstage, and gives better inner/deeper/farther resolution to the classical music they like to listen to. Tbg (who signs off as Norm on Audio Asylum) has bought 2 units of RR-77 to try, so he may be able to tell you more if he's reading this thread. I don't have a big listening space, so I don't think I will need more than 1 RR-77 at this moment ;-). However, you must really try swopping the default wall-wart with a better 12V DC power supply like the Kingrex PSU, that I can vouch works very well indeed.
Forgot to mention one more use of the RR-77. You may have heard of demagnetising the CD with an Acoustic Revive RD-3 demagnetiser, or even de-ioninizing the CD with their RIO-5 De-ionizer, or de-stating the CD/LP with a Furutech/ORB De-Stat gun. (Never mind, if you have not). Well, the RR-77 has an unpublished effect on improving the playback performance of a CD too. Place a CD on the shiny face up on the top of an RR-77 for at least 10 secs (see attached pic)
How to "Schumanise" the CD
You will notice a bigger soundstage/depth to the music and more organic fluidity and even deeper resolution when you listen to such a treated CD. I can confirm that this effect is complementary to demagnetising/deionizing/de-stating the CD as I have all 3 mentioned tweaks personally. I am quite hooked to this treatment now, and rarely listen to any CD without treating it with the RR-77 ;-)
(Not sure why my post got deleted or never published?? I said nothing disparaging to anyone. Maybe it was the 6Moons link. Anyway....)

Teajay, now we are both whacko's, right? I knew you would like it, and it's funny that both of us were slack-jawed, only to have objective observers walk into the room and validate via a "what have you done to the room? It sounds great" comment. Very spooky stuff. I am now officially apologizing to anyone who I ever disparaged for an off-the-wall tweak he/she recommended. Both Room Lenses (although makes at least some acoustic sense as a hemholtz resonator) and now a Shumann Generator. And both, especially the RR-77, have a huge impact on the sonics, immediately and for all aspects of the sound.
Second evening of listening: the cd of Bob Dylan Oh Mercy on the song Man in the long black coat was really transformed with the RR-77 more floating and space out with more silence and delicacy.You should try this one !
For the other listenings in my system i feel i miss a bit of PRAT and bite, it seem the sound was getting a bit leaner.
My impression was like looking into binoculars by the reverse side.Don't get confuse with deeper sound stage and laid back sound.In my system i was listening to a live event but few rows in the back. Also i think i miss some micro details.
So funny to tell you that after a good night of sleep i feel the benefic effect of the RR-77 when i awake in the morning: i am more in shape
To follow ....
I have been looking for more warmth in my system and had a Stealth nanofiber on demo to try to accomplish this. The Acoustic 77 did everything the nano did and more. More detail, transparency, and better imaging of the soundstage, especially with vocals. Absolutely worth every penny! You ain't crazy, Teajay! This product initially had a low WAF, but even she hears the difference in sound image and APPROVES!
I have had more fun the last few days taking this little amazing box to other locations to see the response of other listeners to the sonic differences, that so far our only totally postive, and everyone just laughs and can hear the differences instantly.

I went and visited a highly regarded Audio store in the Chi-town area were the owner is a dear friend. Then I took it over to a fellow audiophile with a great sounding system. In the store's reference system what I reported in my review was heard by the owner, great improvement in 3D imaging, greater location in the sound stage, voices became more natural, etc. At the home of my audiophile friend the same results, he could not just stop laughing. He came up with a great expression for what it did to vocals in his system, they just become more "human" and real sounding. All this could be a placebo or hawthrone effect, but I don't think so, it really does significantly effect the sonics of the systems that is put in the same room as. Great fun!
I ordered an RR-77 from Music Direct yesterday and received it today at lunch (one advantage of living in Indianapolis).

I have it in my office right now while I'm at work and have a, hopefully not dumb, question.

How do you know if it's working properly? Is there some tell-tale sign?
You have totally lost it!! I guess I am losing it with you since I just ordered one based on your recommendation which was just a bit passionate! I will post how crazy we are next week when it appears at my doorstep. Bob
I found that by holding my hand up to the RR-77, I can feel the wave coming out. I haven't tried it in the stereo room yet, but I did find this yesterday and last night. I was more calm all afternoon in my office with the RR-77 running. Last night I placed it in the bedroom and had the best night of sleep that I've had in a long, long time. I wish I could turn the blue light off or down though, it illuminates the room too much.

To remove the glare of the blue LED light, I just stick 2 layers of "post-it" small pieces over it.
Works very well ;-)
I have a Elpac AC/C transformer rated 12VDC, 2.5A... can it be used on the RR-77?

I want to try an upgraded PSU.
What precisely do I need to look for in terms of
power/current values?

The King Rex is:
48VA=>regulator transformer AC output 16V/3A
Well it works for me!
When TeaJay suggested I try the Acoustic Revive it was with a slight reservation in his voice. I did not take it to mean that he was recommending something he didn't believe in; but rather a concern that I may start discounting his opinions and begin to view him as one having already entered the world of Audiophile psychosis. By quoting scientific articles that articulated sound acoustic principles he was covering all basses. If I did not experience the benefits of the tweak in my system, I would still have regard for his opinions.

Well TeaJay you were correct again. Voices became more fluid and engaging. Imaging Increased. It works.

I found a PSU I already had in "used gear inventory".
It is a Audio Alchemy Power Station Two.

"The Power Station-2 provided both +/-8 and +/-18 Volt outputs on the 6-pin DIN connector. The +/-8 was used for "digital" circuits and the +/-18 was used for the "analog" circuits.

The cable used (6 pin din to 3.5 mini jack) determines the output levelwhich output level. Peter Madnick gave me the info above & said he had plenty of the analog cables still available.

So my obvious question is can the RR-77 handle that?

AR DDS-1 12.5A 2W
K Rex 12.9
Trends 12/3A 3W
For folks using the Acoustic Revive, how far does the benefit extend? For example I could get away with it better on WAF if I can put in in a corner about 15 feet from the equipment. It has been awhile since this thread was active - are people still using and liking the unit and has it been reliable mechanically?
Hi Joe, I still use mine everyday and still believe it does everything stated in my review. Since I have had it,it it never is turned off, so that should answer your question regarding reliablity.

Remember, its suppose to be at least five feet off the floor, behind your speakers and in the middle of them, however my RR-77 is about four feet to the left of my left speaker and still works like a charm. I don't know if 15 feet away in the corner would work, but you could always return it Music Direct during your 30 day audition period.
Hello, another revival of this thread. I just bought a used one, and do need to follow up with Krell Man's question of how one knows it's working? Is there any physical signs from the unit itself (ie vibration and/or sound, other than the light) or do all of you know it's on because you just hear it's effect?

I have not found profound effects in my case, they are subtle, and I am not entirely convinced it's not even psychological. I have only had it for an evening so I will do more listening. At any rate, I put my hand on the unit and didn't feel anything. At least the light comes on when I turn it on.
Tholt, I just stumbled on this thread and saw your several-months-old query with no reply to date.

I have owned an RR-77 for well over a year now. While I saw that one person on this thread claims to be able to feel the energy coming off the Acoustic Revive when it is plugged in, I cannot. The only physical evidence I get that it is powered up is the blue light.

On the other hand, I can hear a definite improvement in the music when it is on, mostly involving a deeper, wider soundstage. For me it is perceptible and significant, but apparently not as dramatic as others have reported.

I believe the relative effectiveness of this tweak depends on the convergence of several variables: the room, the system, the source material, and the person who is listening. Listening to the same music in the same space through the same equipment, some people will hear a dramatic difference, some subtler improvements, while others will hear virtually nothing.

Experiment with different device placement and listening to different kinds of music at different times of day. If it doesn't do anything for you...well, it is what it is. Maybe it's not for you.
Hi Dnobel,

Thanks for your direct reply. I still have and use the unit and feel I do now understand its effects -- to sum up there is an ease about the music and it also seems more dimensional. Results have varied depending on placement, including height. IMO its a worthwhile tweak for the used price I paid. Not sure about spending $600 for one new based on what I'm hearing, however this is def a case of YMMV, and perhaps others who claim a 'profound' change are really getting their money's worth.
I bought the new rr777 with king rex mk 2 psu. Wohhhh! Just can't believe it. I have a dedicated listening room and without rr777 it sounds very good. With rr777 it sounds like audioheaven. Why? Enormous soundstage, width and depth and a far greater tonal palet! With classical music all instruments have much more air and their one space. The "you are there" factor. It's very addictive. I'm still experimenting with placement but so far 1,5 m high on top of the cd player sounds the best. I'm so excited I've ordered a second one and king rex. I have the king rex already and expect the rr777 next week..........
I received the second rr-77 today. First impression: unbelievable. The speakers completely disappeared and the soundstage is huger than huge. Front / back is very impressive and so is the width. Tonight I'm going to experiment with placement because with the first rr-77 I've noticed that this can add a lot. I'll share my "final" placement of the two units and let you know howe it sounds....
Got one 777 coming from Japan this week . Had the 77 at one time and it does work.
I bought one. I couldn't tell any difference nor could every person who has ever heard it on my system. I've hidden it for fear my wife will laugh at my idiotic purchase.
If the "why not sell it" comment was directed to me, the answer is I couldn't, in good conscience, do so. Anyway, for the $350 or whatever it was, I'll consider it a lesson not to buy a "tweak," let alone any product, absent a right to return it within a reasonable time period.

I had the same experience until I focused on placement. Schumann devices work well in multiples. You will likely get the best results with Schumann devices by placing 2 of them at least 6 feet off the floor -- preferably on top of the speakers -- with a third unit in the middle of your system just above ground level.
I will pass on further investments and focus instead on getting a second Tice clock.
Yes Nhaudio, try explaining to your wife how you bought two more...HA
I bought a different brand here used. Same findings, I did finally pry it open enough (was glued tight) to see a PC board inside. It does nothing for me. Mine has a red power light. Maybe the blue power lights sound better. I am still trying to hear a difference with the Quantom Symphony Pro I purchased here. Maybe I should stop listening to music and just listen to gear.

Have the 777 coming my way. Top of the speakers? Need one more for that to work . I will try it that way. 3 - 777's may be to much of a good thing.
The Kemp Schumann Frequency wall plug has been garnering some very favorable attention. Google Stereo Times review by Clement Perry.
Well boys and girls the 777 does clear the air waves in my sitting room. Great little guy. Maybe better than the 77 with upgraded power supply that I had @ one time. Anyone chuck the WW and buy a power supply for it and hear a big difference.?
Got 3 IPC Energizers coming and two SMusic boxes coming. Along with the 777 I hope they all work together like Snowdon and Putin!!


So, what are your impressions of the RR-777 versus the IPC Energizers versus the SMusic boxes? What are SMusic boxes?

I have an RR-777. At first I thought it didn't work. I was listening for more bass, detail, that sort of thing. Once I heard it, it became impossible to live without it. I leave it on all the time because the listening/living room feels better with it!

Its effect on my voice is obvious. Without it, my voice sounds drier and more inside me. With it, my voice is more liquid and fills the room more. I hear the same difference with my bamboo flute.

My 10 yr-old who cares nought for hifi, could hear it with her violin. She was mystified how flipping a switch on a little box, could change the sound of her playing. It was interesting to me to watch her try to describe what she heard, She has no vocabulary for sonic differences. She liked my "wetter," as a description of the sound with.
Interesting comments regarding the perception that the 7.83Hz Schumann frequency pulse generator affected one of the Audiogon member's voice (or, at least, he subjectively believed that to be the case).

I have this item, albeit a different brand, and have noticed that when it's turned on, my personal "staying power" is enhanced while both the sound and this author are soft and flabby when it's turned off.
I am using three RR-77 in my listening room and they are a must when I listen to music.
A fourth one is prmanently on in the room I'm working.
I'd like to test the RR-777 too
How does the 26K mile Schumann wave fit in the room? That's what I'd like to know about it. And why is about five feet above the floor the best place for the device?
I can vouch for Bagrant's review.Finally got over to his place a couple of weeks ago for a fun evening of music. Never heard his system sound so musical,warm & spacious!
Hope he will come over soon & bring the RR-777 along.
I have already decided to get one if it has the same effect on my music room/ system/ wife!
Most Schumanns need to be at least 6 feet off the floor for optimum results. Height, location and direction are key to their success. Using multiple units will greatly improve results.
Using Schumanns effectively is not a simple matter of unboxing and turning on. Among those interested in Schumanns in the audio community, I do not think that there is a good understanding of how to optimize their use.

There are 5 factors impinging on the effectiveness of Schumanns:

1. The kind of Schumanns used (not all Schumanns are equal).
2. The number of units used.
3. The location of the units.
4. The height of the units.
5. The direction of the units.

It takes quite a bit of experimenting with Schumanns to figure out what works best. In my system, I have one unit of Schumann version 1, 6 units of Schumann version 2, and 8 units of Schumann version 3 -- with more to come.

Cumulatively, Schumanns can greatly improve SQ, with the result being more enjoyment of the music. Schumanns work synergistically with Steinmusic Harmonizers, Shakti Hallographs, QRT Symphonies, Synergistic Research ART and other tweaks and accessories. Each addresses a somewhat different but complementary aspect of SQ.
Hi, Sabai, does the Schumann frequency device operate on the signal (acoustic waves) or on the listener?