Review: Rosinante Pursang S Speaker cable

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This is the first review that I’ve posted on Audiogon. I actually posted a version of it in the Discussion Forums before I realized that I could publish a review at all.

I’ve learned a few things in 30 years of high-end listening, among them that resonance control is critical, and cables matter. Great cables will not make mediocre equipment sound great, but great equipment will not sound great without great cables. My research into resonance control led me to Ric Cummins who, through his Argent Audio and Rosinante companies, has produced some incredibly effective resonance control devices and some outstanding loudspeakers (see reviews of Rosinante Dulcinea loudspeakers in the Stereo Times archives).

Recently, Ric has focused his immense talent on the design and manufacture of analog and digital interconnects and speaker cables. I’ve not had the opportunity to compare Ric's cables to the reputed best, but I’d be astonished if they didn’t compare favorably, at a fraction of the cost. I recently acquired Ric’s Pursang S speaker cables, replacing an earlier version of Ric’s speaker cables. The Pursang S cables improved my system rather dramatically - more dynamic, more detailed - overall more alive, which ultimately is what I'm after. I would refer readers to the Perry and Lanese reviews of the Gryphon Mikado CD player in Stereo Times, June 2004, where the system improvement they observed, I strongly suspect, has as much to do with Ric’s Pursang S speaker cables as with the undoubtedly great Mikado.

Not only do I use Ric’s speakers and Pursang series cables, but also I’ve been guided by Ric to other talented designers, like Joe Fratus of Art Audio whose Gill Signature preamp and Carissa 845 SET amp power my system, and Ron Hedrich of Marigo Labs whose VTS Tuning Dots keep my walls and windows quiet. I highly recommended Ric’s cables, and his advice.

Associated gear
Metronome Technologie CD Player
Art Audio Gill Signature Preamplifier
Art Audio Carissa 845 SET Amplifier
Rosinante Dulcinea Loudspeakers
Rosinante Interconnects, Power Cords, and Equipment Stands
I too love the Pursang cables. I've tried a bunch of cables over the years and was by far the happiest with his cables. I use them now in both of my systems and feel like my search for the right cables has ended.
Amen to the above product review by Wrover and contributory comments from Eilif. I too employ the Pursang Super speaker cables and Pursang interconnets in my system, and I am getting a full, detailed, and dynamic sound from my Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers.

The Pursang Super has great tonal balance, and it really shows by driving my 7 driver/5 way speakers. Now, I am able to enjoy speakers that can play BIG and fill my 30' x 18' x 12' listening room. The Pursang Super allows my system to play with superb clarity and transparency. You can really see into the venue with a large sound stage and depth. Thank you Ric.