Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed - 50th Anniversary just released on MQA - Tidal HiFi

Just wanted to let everyone know the Stones just rereleased - Let It Bleed- via MQA. First listen is amazing via my Tidal Hi Fi - MQA thru my LUMIN D 1. This is the best reproduction of Stones music I have heard thru my home system. Enjoy “You Can’t Always Get what You Want’!

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I don’t know if my hearing can discern MQA files as "better", but "Monkey Man" kicked a-- thru my 1970 Olson receiver via BSR table during my youth.

Sounds even better now, that I have an original press and a decent rig 40 some years later!

Turn it up!
I listened to it on Qobuz yesterday and thought it sounded amazing. I haven't listened to it on vinyl or other media recently, so I was relying on memory but it sounded much better than I remember any other version sounding. Great separation of instruments and vocals, and an expansive soundstage.
My table is mothballed for the moment.

I popped in my old ABKO CeeDee, which hasn't seen action for quite some time. Keefs acoustic guitar on"Let it Bleed" sounds convincingly(close enough)real,IMHO. Micks vocals in sections, "are there"

I can play along with my guitar and it blends in pretty good. Even the electric guitars throughout the album, at times sound pretty good. Only the very fine, subtle dynamics are missing.That's  where a REAL nice digital system grabs my attention. Maybe this is where a MQA file might prevail?  Or is it speakers, cable...fuse?

I've heard ultimo digital playing Stones, and then there's my humble setup. My ears still like an imperfect record. Perhaps it's just my overly nostalgic silliness talkin.
My wife had to go to a wedding this afternoon (Yeah). My stereo buddy and I are replaying Let It Bleed - LOUD !

Let It Bleed, Love In Vain, Monkey Man - OMG - vocals, harmonica, drums, guitar, cymbals, imaging - it is all here - what a great country!!

More wine and more volume!

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I've heard many Lumin  based rigs, so I can imagine it's rockin.

From Beggars to Exile,  there isn't one flat tune.  I could put those 4 albums on 
random and not get sick of the Stones.

Impossible to listen,at low volume. It's not proper until Charlie Watts bass drum compresses your chest.

Table jockey -

Love you baby - Life is good !! Listening to Beggars Banquet right now and on our third bottle of red - a very good Italian - Barolo !

if you live near Greenville, SC- come on over - it will be a long beautiful night!

Happy Listening!

Bravo! Grazie mille! I will bring some regional prosciutto and cheese, if I'm ever in the neighborhood.

Cycling thru Northern Italy many years ago, is how I was turned on to Barolo. Old Italian guys on bikes inviting me for dinner with the family. 
Ya man Italian wine in Greenville home of the BMW X-5 and the Stones played loud, an immigrant country for sure!

Music is a GIFT to everyone! It lowers my blood pressure, reminds me of great times from my youth, reminds me of key moments raising my kids, it is my refuge from my job pressures.

The Stones, Dylan, Eagles, Beatles, Diana Krall, Chic Corea, Boz Scaggs, it goes on and on. I am blessed - we are blessed. Slow down, and enjoy the music, AND the wine, and the sunsets, and our families.

We have the best from around the world - we are an immigrant country, and God Bless our economy- we keep creating wealth, and I have spent my share on my stereos over 40 years. Luckily my wife has enjoyed the music! It is my refuge. Thanks for sharing a love for music! A love for life!

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Thank You for sharing. This is a landmark album, for many reasons, to report the least. I am ready for the physical copy next week.

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For a glimpse into the making of Let It Bleed, read the Rolling Stone interview with Ry Cooder sometime after the album’s release. Mick & Keith flew Ry in from California, and his account of the recordings he made with "them" (you’ll have to read the interview to find out why I use the quotation marks) is, ahem, interesting. Warning! You may lose a little respect and reverence for M & K ;-) .
Been traveling this week for work - sorry for the late reply;

jafant - how does the vinyl sound of Let It Bleed?

bdp24 - just read The Gardian article of Keith Richards stealing the guitar riff from Ry Cooper - sad to hear. Just listened to Ry Cooper for the first time - his album on Tidal - Music of Ry Cooper - released in April 2019 - shows a talent beyond what I expected. Thanks for leading me to him. 

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Hopefully, my Amazon pre-order on the LIB 50th deluxe set will be released/shipped today on target?

I bought this set for the commemorative celebration of this landmark album in 1969.  I do not own a turntable, but, if given a chance to play the vinyl portion, will post impressions/thoughts here.
Really looking forward to the (2) SACDs in this Edition.

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Big fan of Ry Cooder as well. No doubt that musicians "steal" ideas/passages from one another. 

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2nd Note- there are a few early Vinyl reports/reviews around the net. Much like The Beatles 1960's  U.K. catalog, it is going to be very tough to better those Stones 1960's U.K catalog, as well.

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@jafant, to characterize what Richards (and Jagger) did as "steal" from Cooder is to miss the point. All musicians "borrow" from others; what Richards and Jagger did went WAY beyond that. Cooder was insulted; I was filled with complete and total contempt for them both when I read his account of the events that transpired, and that feeling has not faded with time. They're both shameless frauds. I've seen them both in the past twenty years (Richards twice), and they both sucked. Hard.

Thank You for the follow on perspective.  Was it a matter of writer's block on behalf of Jagger/Richards?  Happy Listening!

Happy Thanksgiving @jafant!

I can speak only from intuition, as Cooder didn’t speculate. It is my suspicion that Brian Jones was responsible for more of The Stones direction than he has been given credit for. You’ll notice that it is Mick Taylor, not Keith Richards, who is playing the signature guitar parts on the albums he appears on.

Ry Cooder was brought in as a session guitarist, not as a source of material. Apparently Keith was at a complete loss as to how to play his own songs. Have you ever known a junkie musician? They are basically worthless. Mick rolled the tapes while Ry played, then Keith came in and learned Ry’s parts. Pathetic.


Thank You for the follow up.  Circa 1969 those guys were a mess with alcohol and drugs (Bill Wyman may have been the exception?).

It is difficult for me to wrap my mind around Charlie having a speed addiction as early as 1966?

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Second- I have always felt that The Stones finally caught to and surpassed The Beatles with LIB!

This 50th anniversary set is very nice. I cannot say that the pressing is vastly improved over the 2002 SACD edition. There may be a hint of subtle improvement. Not a day vs. night difference.  I did not test the vinyl as I do not own a turntable.  Play it LOUD!

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I am a vinyl guy--but I did purchase all of the Stones 2002 ABKO SACDs. Let It Bleed was the best of the lot ----amazingly good and one of the best sounding SACD albums that I own. Hard to believe considering that the Stones seemed to pay very little attention to their sound until Beggars Banquet which also sounds pretty good on SACD.
Yeah Keith was a stoned out junkie sad to say.Yes they want one thing and one thing only .Their fix.Sadly i know my Son died of Herion in 2019.RIP Chris.,he was a rock fan and good drummer.
That’s probably the best overall recording  quality Stones album to start with. How much better can it get?