Room treatment

Maybe this topic has been covered already. If so apologies. My room is 14x14 with dormer behind my seated position. I have GK Acoustics corner diffusion bass traps in corners, rectangular absorption panels on sidewalls with some diffusion having some small standing book cabinets, and CD cabinets along sidewall. I'm in the Queue for Magnapan LRS+. Being dipole speakers what would be appropriate for front wall. Diffusion or Absorption. 


14' x 14', hmm. I wonder if you could set up on a 45, play out of one corner of the room, opposite the dormer of course? Have you tried that? The back wave off the Magnepans wont have a flat wall behind it that way, but instead be bounced sideways across  toward the other speaker before it's bounced back at you, increasing the delay time. You could put a diffuser in between and behind the speakers a bit to break the path in both directions. 

I work at ASC where we sell TubeTraps, and the TubeTrap was originally designed to go behind Magnepans to help absorb some of the back-wave bass before it bounced off the wall back at the speaker. It  also scatters the treble from the back wave, depending on how you have the treble reflector positioned. So if you stay set up like you are with the dormer behind you I'd recommend a combination of upper bass absorption and treble diffusion. 

Make sure you listen before and after adding room treatments. Sometimes they can suck the life from the music. And never use the foam stuff.