I've downloaded the Roon app on my IPhone and MacBook Pro. Do I need a media player of some kind to use this with my system. I have the Exogal Comet DAC and play ITunes through it but if I switch to Roon it plays through the MacBook speakers. I can't play it with my Dragonfly hook to my MacBook either. Help please!!
In Roon go to Settings/Setup and select your Comet DAC which should appear in the list. 

If you have hi-res tracks there are other settings youll need to make.

Please visit the Roon Community Forum Knowledge Base or post a message there if you need more help. Very Responsive and helpful both with other Roon users and Roon's own tech support staff. It is a sophisticated program but very simple to get started given your setup.

Roon (especially with a Tidal subscription) is simply amazing. I am a user and other than hoping your experience is as great as mine, I have no other connection to the product. 

I appreciate your reply very much. I have went to settings and the Exogal is on the list but it still plays through the computer speakers. I go back to iTunes and I play music fine through the Exogal and the speakers. Do I need a media player between them? If not, what is their purpose? Thanks again.

Hey Bubba,

I’ve been following your post on the Roon forum. First, turn down the volume on your stereo rig. When playing Roon through put the volume control (lower right corner of Roon screen in the transport control bar) to max. Keep it there when playing through Roon using your Dragonfly or Exogal.

Then adjust your volume using your stereo volume control.

Also, in your Settings/Audio/Gear(icon next to your DAC)/Playback tab, make sure Exclusive Mode is checked. Should be good to go.

Looking forward to your comments and contributions on the Roon forum.

Explore your library and good listening!


Thanks Tom! I think I have it worked out. I'm just not as patient as I used to be. I'm still trying to understand the upside to one of the stand alone media players on offer. I'm not sure what they contribute.

Well, I am taking my time on a media player. Once the Roon Ready gear gets out and reviewed I will look harder. For me, the sound quality thru my Mac Mini and Geek Out DAC is good enough for now.

That Exogal Comet DAC has caught my eye.  Haven't heard one yet but it's the right price range and has most of the features I am looking for.  

Keep the Roon forum bookmarked and don't hesitate to contribute/comment. Roon is a great product and has really changed how I interact with my music library.

I have a Tidal Hifi subscription as well.  Simply amazing what having 40 million tracks at your fingertips does to one's music appreciation.  

Enjoy your tunes!

The Exogal Comet is excellent but it's my first DAC so I'm hesitant to recommend it over others. I may subscribe to Tidal but my library of albums is 3500 so I'm not sure I need more music. I'm sure I will jump in at some point. I appreciate all your help on this. I'm going to enjoy this immensely. Mike Houstina