Rotel CD Players


I am putting together a second system and would like to learn more about Rotel CD players.  Both the RCD1572MKII  and CD14MKII have caught my eye. I am not convinced the 1572 brings that much more to the party other than balanced outputs, which I do not need.

This CD player would be paired with Fritz speakers and an First Watt F7 amp to start.

I would also like an honest opinion about utilizing a $1,000 CD player with these types of components. My main system uses a PS Audio PWT and a Mojo Audio Mystique DAC so I know the value of getting all the detail one can from a source. Would a Rotel CD player be a weak link?

Alternative ideas are welcome but must be a CD player and not separate Transport and DAC - space is limited and budget is less than $2,000.

Thanks for listening!





I don’t have a lot of experience with Rotel gear in the last 15 years or so.  I heard one of those players briefly demoed a few years ago and I remember it as neutral, not warmish like Marantz, or as detailed as Bryston or Hegel.  As usual if you can do a home demo, best to make your own mind

Look at the Emotiva ERC-4  built like a tank and has a DAC that can take digital inputs so you can also stream with it

I'd save a bunch of money and buy a used Rotel RCD-1072 cd player.  IMHO, one of the best Rotel players ever made.

Spend your savings on CDs!

+1 on the 1072 @mofimadness They are truly giant killers and deserve all the many accolades they've received!

If you can find one, an Onkyo C-7030 is terrific!  Talk about a unit that fly WAY, WAY under the radar and then it just disappeared.

Weighs about 18 pounds, has dual Wolfson DAC's, and only listed for $299.  It streeted for $199-$219.  Seen them used for around $125-$150.

IMHO, along with the Rotel RDC-1072, two of the best CD players out there for the money...and beyond.