Rush Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary

I bought this one with much anticipation, the 3-LP set of it, and can only say that I'm pretty disappointed with the SQ.  
I don't own any other versions of this recording, but I did own the original back in the 80's and always thought it sounded great.  I was really looking forward to hearing a remastered version on high quality vinyl.  I bought Farewell to Kings 40th and it sounds great.  I wonder what went wrong with this one?
Better to have just hunted for a nice clean original pressing! That's what I do!
Why do you think that?  
The marketing info for it says it was taken from the 2015 remaster. 
It doesn't say its source.
However, I have several records remastered from digital files that sound pretty damn good.  I dare say, when done well, most folks would never be able to hear a difference.  
To my ears, this reissue sounds a bit muddy and lacks depth.  Even the bonus Live LP has far inferior SQ to a much older album, All The World's a Stage.
I wish I could return this to the shop I bought it from.  
the first Canadian pressing on Anthem with Rays on matrix is the best of all. All the atmosphere of the studio.
FWIW, I don’t recall my MFSL as being a stunner. Will have to revisit.
Interestingly I streamed the 40th anniversary title last week and had the same impression - very digital and compressed sounding.  I expected something better and wondered how the vinyl would sound.
IMO, most of these New anniversary issues are more about marketing hype than quality. All the "previously unreleased" music that is on the on the extra albums was unreleased for a reason. It's not good. This is my experience with Jethro Tull Aqualung that was done about 10 yrs ago. Admittedly I don't own many because I won't pay the exorbitant price they are charging. This is not to say that all remasters are bad. But they are a toss up. As a Skynyrd fan, I'm glad the remastered theirs since most all the originals sound muffled and without any body. But most of their previous unreleased isn't good either. IMO, the only previous unreleased songs are on the Michael Jackson "Bad" album. But there are only 3 songs.

Interesting, I think it sounds great. Particularly the live stuff... I suppose, to each their own?
I gave my copy a spin, after reading this thread. 

A discog reference and matrix check indicates I have a SRM1-4001 1980 press, but with the several variants, my copy doesn't jive with those listed.

My copy is very good. Quiet and punchy. Not having a reissue to compare, based on my previous experiences I'm not missing anything.

I like the less talked about Caress of Steel more.
I will give mine another spin to see if maybe my mood affected my impressions of this.  It's possible I got a bad copy.  It doesn't sound terrible FWIW, just not as spectacular as it should IMO.


Reissue R&R in particular, has always been a fail to my ears. Since it's truly subjective like everything audiophool, I say whatever suits the ears, and is kind to the wallet.

I resort to a reissue buy only if it's unobtanium e.g.,  mono Beatles Sgt. Peppers or a Jazz classic.

Being a period press snob probably tilts my opinion on what's "best".
I just know "The Spirit of Radio" is  a difficult listen at low volume. Neil Peart's drums should be compressing your chest at proper level.
I played it again last night and enjoyed it much more than the first listen.
I can't explain the difference.  A combination of mood, electrical noise, groove break in?  Not sure, but it sounds a lot better to me now.  Turning it up loud could have helped as well.
Love the live stuff on this release. This recording sounds good on headphones. Feels like I am at the show.

CFNY - was my local radio station as a teenager, "The Spirit of Radio". Though in the mid 80's it was not the cool Spirit of Radio RUSH sang about.
I generally shy away from RR’s as well. However, these 40th anny sets Rush is doing are great collectors IMO. Especially since they are one of the top two of my favorite all time bands... number one actually.