Sansui 441 speaker recommendations

I am looking for some speaker recommendations for a Sansui 441 11 wpc 8 ohm receiver that I was recently given.  Thanks!

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Operating on the assumptions that this gift is driving the need and your on a strict budget, I recommend the Daton Audio 652s for sale at Parts Express ($50). 



I really enjoy the B652. They are totally engaging with any cheap amp I’ve plugged in.

Great test bench speakers.



Pretty much anything from Klipsch would work. 

the key is high efficiency 94db+ and stable 8ohm load. The older SS Sansui's did not like to push lower than 8ohm loads so no 4ohm speaker here. Also if the receiver has not be serviced yet get it serviced soon they had some caps that will need replacing now. That said they are a nice little vintage SS amp that sounded a lot like tube amps from the day. 

The Dayton recommended above may not be an ideal fit for that amp its 6ohm and not very efficient. ok on a desk top probably.