Sansui 9900z in my sights.......

Hi gang!
I am interested in hearing everything you have to say about the Sansui 9900z. I have an opportunity to buy one and I need to know if this is really the holy grail I hear it to be. I own a G6000 and have been bitten by the audio/Sansui bug.
Thank you,
I find that the 9090DB seems to do everything just right.  To me it was the last of the 'sweet sounding' Sansui's.  You never will experience listening fatigue, and the build quality is first rate.

Sansui has a sound.  It certainly isn't 'mid fi' by any means. I have had much of the high end and Sansui is just voiced so beautifully.  This seems to be true of even some of their lowly models as well. The 2000X, the XX1 series for example are exceptional, even though most of them are quasi complimentary.  

Buy and and enjoy what sounds good and right to you and don't be swayed by the bias of others.  Your ears will tell you, what's right and what isn't.  



I heard a Sansui G-9090 and owned a G-6000. But just about any reasonable design tube amp will outperform it. But, I am listening to a Yamaha CR-220 right now! So..........

there are better models out there imo.

 I love the Sansui tuners (I have a T 717 moded and recaped) and amps they have a great warm, musically welcoming sound.  I'd honestly look at their separates they are better sounding and build quality is higher. Also something to consider is all these amps will need re-capping as their age is greater the 25+ years. Best to find one that have been done already or plane to have it done.