Schiit PSYT audio cables

I read the promo literature for these cables and broke out laughing, with their tongue-in-cheek, myth-busting, explanation of their IC's.  I personally think Schiit makes some outstanding gear for a very affordable price and do not doubt that their cables are worth every nickel of their asking price.  Whoever is writing their ad copy is a comedic genius, who has the pulse of those affected by Audionervosa.   Has anyone tried their cables?
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They sound neutral but the rca plugs are Schiitty.
I prefer read made Mogami’s at the same price point.
Understood, thanks.  There is a sweet spot between the offerings of Schiit's cables and those by SR and Crystal Cable that might be fine for most audiophiles.  The happy middle ground.   At any rate, their ad copy for the cables is hilarious. 
The 6" short Pyst is a great IC between Modi, Loki, and Magni. 
No problems, great connection. 

Maybe you got better rca's. Mine are too hard, will not grip. I cannot recommend,
If I needed them I'd r&r with WBT locking plugs.
+1   Remarkable ad copy, brilliant tongue-in-cheek text, pressing most audiophile "buttons".  Given the utility of their gear, I am sure their cables will be just fine for many buyers of their gear.    I sure need reasons to laugh more and more these days and Schiit provides it.