Schitt Yggdrasil More is Better

I have the latest (2023) Yggdrasil Less is More and I love it on my office system. The office has the Magnepan LRS+ speakers and a slightly warm DAC works nicely.

In my Livingroom, I am looking for a bit less warmth from the DAC (and amp). Has anyone heard the new Yggdrasil More is Better? I was planning on spending a bit of coin on a DAC, but I now realize that I can get better bang for my buck with an amp upgrade instead. I am thinking of the soon to be updated CODA System 150 amp.

I base this conclusion on the quality of the LIM DAC. I think getting better than this DAC is either diminishing returns or just another flavor. So, I am wondering how the LIM compares to the MIB? 

Anyone using the MIB and what gear are you pairing it with? I need to sell some gear to raise the cash for a DAC, so before I sell anything and do a 14-day home trial, I wanted to see what people are using the MIB with and the level of happiness. 



I don't have any experience with Schitt Yaggie Dacs but I have upgraded Dacs many times. Each upgrades costed almost double from a previous device but  obvious performance improvements. But just with anything, I think you will hit diminishing return but not until $20k Imo. Amp upgrade can't be overlooked either. 


I never got the Yggy, but did own the Gungnir a few years ago.

It was a very good DAC, close to my Ayre Codex.

Schiit makes some good gear at great prices.

However,  I made a leap of faith and bought a Brinkmann Nyquist 2. It was more than I would normally spend, but, another audiophile who I respect bought one and sang it's praises. Since we both share similar experiences with equipment, I bought it. And, I have to say it is all that it is said to be.

There are other manufacturers out there, like MSB, and in a similar price range. So, I will say that if you are serious about digital sound reproduction, please give them a listen. It seems that you really have to spend around $10K to get to this level, but if you are patient, I bet it will be coming down in the future as digital is in it's infancy.





I get the more money gets you a better DAC point of view. However, I should preface that statement by saying the DAC I had before the LIM cost $15k and I think the $2.2k LIM sounds better. Both were slightly warm, so I think an apples-to-apples comparison. The LIM had a better top end and more detail.

I actually own the PlayBack Designs proprietary fibre streamer. The plan was to buy the PBD Dream DAC ($24k), designed by Andreas Koch, to use with the PBD Stream-IF.  I now feel that money is better spent on an amp, and I have the PBD Stream-IF up for sale.

As I stated earlier, the LIM is so good on my slightly bright speaker. I did some research on Schitt and the people that design their DACs. Mike Moffet has got a very strong reputation when it comes to digital, similar to Andreas Koch.

That is why I want to hear feedback about the Schitt MIB DAC. If it can sound great like the LIM but this time on a slightly warm speaker, then I will use that $24k on the CODA amp instead. Not saying the LIM or MIB is better than the PBD Dream DAC. I just feel the amps bring more to the table given a very competent DAC, at least with my gear.