Search by zip code issue

For the past 3 weeks or so no new listings appear when doing a search by zip code. The listings that appear today have 8 days or less to expiration. I prefer to purchase locally and use the feature regularly. I've emailed Audiogon support twice with no response. Anyone else having this problem?
Audiogon support isn't professional and have VERY limited knowledge on how to build functionality in general. To purchase locally, you need to go craigslist. Audiogon may even block this feature so you don't offer local pickup for cash. Audiogon needs to make its dough as well.

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It is a glitch and we should have it fixed this upcoming week. I also just sent you an email to  about this, if you would like to look at it. I look forward to your reply.
Craigslist for audiophile caliber gear...good luck!!!

@czarivey, when is the last time you sold your electronics on Craigslist? What did you sell and what did you get out of it....please do share your experience for the benefit of audiophile community.

May be you should ask the OP first what exactly he is shopping for before you suggest bargain basement outlet like Craigslist. Just my two cents!!!
@mitchchavis,  no problem.
Try another Zip Code (use mine “90046”, which works fine).

Problem solved.

Well, @lalitk it's far more simpler than that.
I sell on craigslist as well as retail store and as well as internet. First high caliber gear is offered directly to customers who wish to pick it up locally, than it goes CL and THAN it goes to public such as ebay, canuk...
Last time sold on CL Gibson Custom Johnny A sunburst archtop $3k It's not audiophile, but I'd say quite a caliber gear. Same applies to audio.
Recent audio gear sold was Pioneer SX1380 for nearly $2k.
Been sellin' super long time professionally making living so I'll just clear my throat pal...
Craigslist? I have bought and sold audiophile-grade amps, preamps and speakers on Craigslist.  It helps living in a larger urban area where there is likely a larger pool of audiophiles.  Just put "audiophile" in the search box.
@mitchchavis, The problem with the zip code search has been fixed, FYI. :)

Although this is an old thread, but you can try try this:

After you register, and save your searches, you will get instant alert once something comes up that matches you searches.