Second Chance offer Scams on ebay?

Last night I bid $700 on an amp. the high bid ended up to be $936. there were 3 higher bidders than I.

12 hours later I get an email from someone claiming to be the seller saying the high bidder backed out and is offering me the amp for $700.

While I am not 100% sure this is a scam, here is what doesn't seem right

1. the seller found out the winner could not pay within 12 hours?

2. why not offer the item to the 2nd, 3rd, highest bidders?

3. why not offer the item for what the item sold for? $936?

I emailed the seller direct through his auction to see if in fact he sent me this offer. I will wait for his response

I could have some fun with the scammer, since the item listed is local to me.

I beleive another Audiogon member was the 2nd highest bidder as I recall his screen names to be the same.

Just a heads up to always be on the lookout...
Two things:

One, second chance offers on Ebay are rare, but they do happen. (I just had one on Friday, I accepted it and paid via Paypal, and low and behold, the item showed up yesterday (monday). Wow, was all I could say!)

Two, make sure it is a bonifide second chance offer. My second chance offer came through ebay itself, not from the seller, so I knew it was legit. Scams run rampent on Ebay, so beware!

Good Luck!
Mine does not come from Ebay, here is the copy of it.

eBay Second Chance Offer for Item #9704804933 Inbox

G.S. to me
More options 8:57 am (2 hours ago)

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Second Chance Offer -- Buy The Item You Recently Bid On
Good news! The following eBay item on which you placed a bid is again available for purchase at your last bid amount

Second Chance Offer
This message was sent after the listing closed.

Item name: Golden Tube Audio 300B MK ll
Item number: 9704804933
Your Price: US $700.00

Second Chance Offer
The seller is making this Second Chance Offer because the high bidder was either unable to complete the transaction or the seller has a duplicate item for sale.

The selling of this item through Second Chance Offer is in compliance with eBay policy; you will be able to exchange feedback with the seller and will be eligible for all eBay services associated with a transaction, such as fraud protection

eBay does not charge an Insertion Fee to send a Second Chance Offer. Sellers pay only the Final Value Fee when the offer is accepted.
Act Now - This Offer Ends Soon
To take advantage of this opportunity, please act quickly. This offer ends on 10-Apr-06 19:53:46 EDT .

Don't let this get away!

Thank you for using eBay!
Marketplace Safety Tip

Always remember to complete your transaction on eBay - it's the safer way to buy.

Please do not offer to buy or sell this item through this form without completing the transaction on eBay. If you receive a response inviting you to transact outside of eBay, you should decline -- such transactions may be unsafe and are against eBay policy.

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reporting it.

The email might look like it's from eBay (same form and graphics) Here's how you can tell if it's a scam or real (and don't worry about trying to read all the other "clues"):

Go to your "My Ebay" page and click on "My Messages". If the same message (as you just got in your email) also appears in your Ebay "My Messages" then it's authentic. If it doesn't, then it's not. End of story.
I got one like this on an eBay item a couple of days ago. The first tip-off was that it came from the individual, not eBay. The second clue was that it didn't include my actual final bid amount. The third clue was that it directed me to contact the seller directly.

You've got to be careful these days.
While some can be scams, I have a friend that sells on ebay for other people and often has multiple items that he will offer to the second highest bidder to keep from having to list them.
If it didn't come through the ebay system, you have no protection!

In this day and age, don't do anything without protection!

(every time I have gotten a second chance from an ebay auction & followed it up it has been bogus--audio & watches... not a universal experience--see ghostrider's comments, but I'd be damned careful)
I sell and buy on ebay alot. If you recieved a message and its not in your ebay messages, ignore it. Its not real. Sorry.
I just got TWO similar 2nd chance offers from TWO DIFFERENT scammers about the SAME auction that I was a bidder on.
There are MANY scammers on eBay, so beware!
Excellent advice Nsgarch!
Good Listening!
Here's a way the seller can abuse this.
An item has a current high bid of $10 and you place a maximum bid of $30. Now you're the high bidder at $11. It's getting to the end and the seller wants more, so he uses another account to place a bid for $70, and "wins" the auction at $31.

Now he knows your high bid, and declares that the high bidder is "unable to complete the transaction" and so offers it to you for $30 versus the $11 you would have paid without the scam.