Seeking alternatives to Oppo

I am considering going with a single box player in place of my current transport/DAC. My friend loaned me his Oppo BDP 83, and after a day of listening, (I'm still evaluating it) I think that the BDP 105 might be a good alternative for my system. The thing is, I like all of the extra features, but I am most concerned with conventional CD replay, and I would like opinions any members may have about players in the same price range ($1,200.00)that you feel are as good or better than the Oppo. I was very impressed by the dynamics of the lesser BDP 83, and dynamics are one of my priorities.
I think because it is affordable, and the technology sounds impressive when you read about it. It is also versatile. I think that there is a certain customer for it, and the friend that I borrowed one from is close to what I think the target customer would be. He cares about sound, but not too much. He also wants a versatile, up to date one box solution that interfaces with his other gadgets. I think that they offer good value for the money, but it's probably best to listen to them first to make sure that it fits with your sonic preferences.
I also tried an Oppo 105. I decided to remain with my Arcam BDP-100. To these older ears, the Wolfson DACs just sound more musical to me. I also have an outboard Benchmark DAC2 (for Hi Rez decoding/Apple TV/Grado's), but again the Wolfson's sound better to me on CD.
Upgradability sounds like a useful distinguishing feature perhaps.

Have only heard an oppo once in a system at a show. I was not impressed, but was not familiar with most of the gesr used, so I would not necessarily blame the Oppo. Many people seem to love them. I am past CD players and not big on video, though an Oppo music streamer designed along the same lines would be an interesting thing.
Reading this thread, seems like a decision not to audition the 105 was made, based on the sound of the BDP83. In my experience the 105 is in a much higher league than the 83 and you can't draw any conclusions about the 105 after only having listened to the 83.