Seeking alternatives to Oppo

I am considering going with a single box player in place of my current transport/DAC. My friend loaned me his Oppo BDP 83, and after a day of listening, (I'm still evaluating it) I think that the BDP 105 might be a good alternative for my system. The thing is, I like all of the extra features, but I am most concerned with conventional CD replay, and I would like opinions any members may have about players in the same price range ($1,200.00)that you feel are as good or better than the Oppo. I was very impressed by the dynamics of the lesser BDP 83, and dynamics are one of my priorities.

If you don't want/need BD, then the CA 851C would be an excellent choice. As a matter of fact, a used 840C would be great also, if you don't need a DAC with a USB connection. The closest thing to the Oppo 105 is the CA 752BD, which has most features if not all the features the 105 has.

Thanks for the suggestions. From what I read, the 851C is probably too analytical for me, coming from entry level Audio Note. According to another review I read, the 840 was the exact opposite. From what I have read, the Oppo BDP 105 is really good, but I wanted to know if I was overlooking something.
Oppo 103 at $499 is a killer bargain and has great sound as a stand alone ced player.
I am wondering now...I have an entry level Audio Note DAC that I have been using for years, and there is no doubt that my friends BDP 83, which I am borrowing, has greater depth and detail, even more impact. Still, when I am listening to the Oppo, which I am sure is not as good as the newer models, I am missing a certain organic flow that I get with the Audio Note.
I am wondering if I should just keep the transport, and get an Audio Note that is higher up the chain, like the Dac 1, or maybe an Eastern Electric Minimax Dac. I don't like things overly syrupy or rose tinted, but I don't want to get the Oppo only to find out that it is more HI-FI than musical in a natural way. Any more opinions?
I have an Oppo 103, albeit a modded one with all the bells and whistles such as a bunch if WA Chips, cryo'd power cord, blah blah blah. Trust me, syrupy and rose-colored and Hi Fi it ain't.
If I were you, I would definitely get an Oppo 105 and try it. You have 30 days to return it, at least if you buy it directly from Oppo. I think you will be very surprised how good it is, especially if you put a few hundred hours on it before coming to a conclusion.
I wasn't saying that the Oppo was syrupy or rose tinted, I was saying that I wasn't looking for that sort of presentation. I mentioned it because it seems from things I have read over the years that some people have that view of Audio Note gear.
I did some more listening to the Oppo BDP 83 today, and I think I'm might give the 105 a spin.
Why worry about alternatives? I have the Oppo BDP-95, and think its a wonderful CD player. The 105 is just a hair bit better from all the reviews. You can't go wrong for the price...
Roxy, have you bought the oppo 105? What are your experiences?

What are today the alternatives to an Oppo 105 sonically?
Wow, I forgot that I had even initiated this thread!
Breezer, to answer your question, no I didn't buy the Oppo. After living with my friends Oppo BDP 83 for a couple of weeks, I realized that for my ears and sonic priorities, it was all wrong. The resolution was good to be sure, but for me, it was sadly lacking in what some would call musical "flow", and overall, I just felt that the picture it painted was very artificial sounding, with some details being too prominent. I was just always aware of its "sound".
It occurred to me that it was the type of player that would have impressed me a dozen or so years ago, before I was introduced to Audio Note's least expensive DAC.
So, I took the leap and had a DAC 2.1 built for me by Audio Note Kits. Again, for my ears, it just leaves the Oppo in the dust.
What makes Oppo better/more popular with audiophiles than most of the other usual contenders?
Mapman asked,

"What makes Oppo better/more popular with audiophiles than most of the other usual contenders?"

Upgradability. Onwards and upwards.
I think because it is affordable, and the technology sounds impressive when you read about it. It is also versatile. I think that there is a certain customer for it, and the friend that I borrowed one from is close to what I think the target customer would be. He cares about sound, but not too much. He also wants a versatile, up to date one box solution that interfaces with his other gadgets. I think that they offer good value for the money, but it's probably best to listen to them first to make sure that it fits with your sonic preferences.
I also tried an Oppo 105. I decided to remain with my Arcam BDP-100. To these older ears, the Wolfson DACs just sound more musical to me. I also have an outboard Benchmark DAC2 (for Hi Rez decoding/Apple TV/Grado's), but again the Wolfson's sound better to me on CD.
Upgradability sounds like a useful distinguishing feature perhaps.

Have only heard an oppo once in a system at a show. I was not impressed, but was not familiar with most of the gesr used, so I would not necessarily blame the Oppo. Many people seem to love them. I am past CD players and not big on video, though an Oppo music streamer designed along the same lines would be an interesting thing.
Reading this thread, seems like a decision not to audition the 105 was made, based on the sound of the BDP83. In my experience the 105 is in a much higher league than the 83 and you can't draw any conclusions about the 105 after only having listened to the 83.
I agree with you. I can't know what the 105 sounds like based on the 83, but it didn't entice me to explore the newer model, which I was very interested in before hearing the 83. In the end, I realized that I really liked Audio Note, and preferred to move up in their line.
I don't want to hijack this thread, but I am looking for a one box solution for CD/BD to improve on and replace existing boxes in my HT/music system. I generally listen to more CDs and vinyl than watch movies. The Receiver is Arcam AVR400 which I like a lot. I have come to realize that I value tone, timing and flow over detail, although detail and air have their charms, one of the reasons I chose the Arcam amp over others because it provides measures of all these attributes at the price point. Common one box suggestion is Oppo 105. I am not sold on Oppo based on admittedly limited exposure, and streaming and multi disk formats beyond CD and BD are not as important as musicality in both multiple and two channels. Because I like the Arcam avr, wondering who has compared their BDP300 to Oppo, Cambridge, other multi disk players in this class? Internet search reveals exactly 0 Reviews of the BDP300.

Appreciate your input,

Cambridge Audio 752DB. This has a high end analog output that is similar in standard to the Oppo 105, but is based on Wolfsen DAC chips instead of ESS.

Then upgrade the SMPS to one from and you will have a very good machine for reasonable cost.