Seeking Feedback on Potential Upgrade of Roon and Dac

Looking to upgrade my Roon and Dac/Streamer from Roon Nucleus+ and Lumin T2 to Innuos Zenith MK3 and MSB Premier or Reference.  When I play music  directly on the Lumin app my SQ and soundstage is significantly better sounding versus playing on Roon app then over to Lumin. I'm using HQ cables and cords (mostly transparent and some AQ) Based on my whole house network set up my Nucleus + and Lumin along with a NAS are directly connected into my ethernet LUXUL switch box and 1 GB LUXUL router.  All ethernet connections are Cat 6 and ethernet cables are all less than 1 meter. I have 7 zones set up in my house where I stream music to Sonos, etc.

My main components are Audio Research Ref 6SE preamp, Audio Research Ref 160S amp, Wilson Audio Alexia speakers and all are connected with Transparent Reference cabling/XLR/power cords and again the Lumin T2 dac/streamer.  The rationale for upgrading is that after listening to multiple set ups and dac/streamers the combination of the MSB and Innuos delivered the best overall SQ and soundstage.  I had narrowed it down to dCS, which is also fantastic but in the end found the MSB to just "deliver" a better sound to me.  My primary music selections are #1 Jazz #2 classical and #3 rock and are pop.  

Look forward to thoughts and feedback on set up ideas or recommendations that any of you have experienced with Innuos or MSB or anything that I am missing.


Appreciate it.



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In Innuous line I'd only go with Statement. You should also check into Antipodes K50, they know port optimization and power supplies. You deserve first rate server with your system. If you can swing it, go for Wadax or Taiko Extreme at the top. You can also do better than generic cat 6 ethernet cable. I've tried all the various combos of generic, AQ Vodka made a positive difference, I'm sure many other brands would do better as well.


great feedback. Was told I would not get much with branded Ethernet but will make that change. Also will look at your other considerations including Statement. 

Doesn't make sense to me that you get different results sending digital to your lumin DAC with the Lumin ap and Roon. They are just 2 different ways of commanding the same information to be sent to your DAC.  

The only think I can think of is that Roon, and I think the Lumin ap, both have the capability to do digital signal processing.  Perhaps you have someting enabled in one of them that is resulting in the difference.


A familiar refrain direct sounds better than through Roon.

I think you have a good plan. Look at ViaBlue EP-7 Silver Cat 7.