Seeking Headphone Reccomendation


First off, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum. I couldn't figure out which one it truly belonged in.

I have gotten wonderful advice in the past here at Audiogon so I figured I would give it a try again. I recently moved into a friend's basement and it appears my room doesn't hold the sound in very well. I went up to the family above and could hear almost the whole range of my music slightly. I wasn't listening very loud either. So I was thinking I'd like to put some carpet padding on the ceiling to help hold the sound in the room. I'm wondering if this would work at all, or if you guys have any other suggestions? I wanted to go this route because I love listening to my speakers and it seems like it could be cheaper than a pair of cans.

If there is no viable solution to keeping more of the sound in my room than I guess I will have to invest in some headphones for when I want to listen during later hours.

My current set up consists of a Rega P5 (w/Ortofon 2M Black Cart), Fisher 400, and Klipsch Forte II speakers. I have been told that the Fisher 400 is a great receiver for headphones. I'd like to see what it is capable of. I'm thinking I'd like to keep my spending around $300 but could spend more if needed. I just don't want to reach the point of diminishing returns. I pretty much exclusively listen to rock, no classical or jazz for me for the most part.

So I guess I'm just curious what you guys would reccomend. I have done a little looking very quickly and it seems the Sennheiser 600 or 650s are very highly rated. I really don't have any expertise in this area so I figured I'd leave it up to the pros!

Thanks so much!
Visit and go to the meetings, parties, get-togethers. Find out when there is a get-together in your area, contact the host, and just show up. You get to hear all the different gears and talk to people about it before spending any money. You never know, HD600/650 sound may not be your cup of tea.

Head Fi Local Get Togethers

Thanks guys, I am going to start a thread over there.

Do any of you have any ideas on what I can do to try to seal more sound into my room? Would the carpet padding help at all were I to staple it to the ceiling?

Thanks much!
I prefer the AKG 701s.

Of course, you need to think about the latest, like the AKG 701s or the Senn HD800s.

Good cans will handle all genres.

Sennheisers are fine , I have the 600s and they sound very good; as I have used Stax for 40 years I have high standards but try to hear as many as possible.
It is extremely difficult to effectively isolate a room. In particular, low frequencies move readily through structural features -- walls, beams, etc. act as sounding boards that transmit the sound. It is usually a big ticket item to isolate a room and requires construction. At a minimum it means extra layers of drywall and an isolating glue between the layers.

Go to the following site if you re still interested:

Good luck.
I had Senn 600 and then upgraded to Senn 650. To get an idea whan 650 can really do, you have to hook it to dedicated headphone amplifier; Singlepower MPX3 is an excellent pair for it. I tried it with headphone output of intergated NAD: 650 sounded lean and unimpressive, 600 was better with integrated.
Thanks for all the help guys. I am leaning toward trying to get a pair of Sennheiser 600s in the low $200s.

Thats too bad that the only way to knock down the bass is through costly construction. I was hoping someone out there would have some cheap tweak that would at least help the situation somewhat.

Thanks again.