Seeking subwoofer recommendation

I am looking for advice on a subwoofer to pair with Vandersteen 2CE speakers and a Rogue Cronus Magnum II integrated amp. It is my first foray into sub-ville, and I want a decent sub (new or used) for less than $500. I know there aren't stellar performers at this price-point - I just want to dip my toes in the water and see how the sub sound contributes to my system. Feel free to recommend subs up to $1000 if they are a much more worthy performer. I want something that will integrate well. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
Room size is 18'x15' with brick walls, wood beam ceiling and fully rugged.
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+1 SVS, no actually +2; get a pair of them!!! SB2000s are what I am using. They are VERY quick and dynamic and sound amazing. 
Not unless his integrated has preouts and amp ins. That's the only way 2W series subs can be used  with integrated amps.  
+3 for SVS.  
Using a pair of SB1000s.  
Continuously adjustable phase as well as gain and crossover.
Accepts low or high level input.
Were easy to integrate.  
Apart from the LED, you can't tell they are running (until switched off).
I liked the smaller footprint and lower price of the SB1000 but the SB2000 is a great value too.
45 day money back in home trial with (as Mental noted) return shipping covered if you don't like 'em.

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Yes, M.
There’s an On/Off rocker type power switch and a standby toggle for always on/auto on (i.e., standby).
another vote for a Vandersteen sub...from the guy who made your main speakers sing 
My used RELs, bought at different times a few years ago, were around 200 bucks each and are amazingly good. A Q150e, and a Q108 MKII. Plus, there’s 2 of ’em which is gooder than one. I get that these prices were due to some luck, but I still I see nice used RELs in great shape here and there (mostly there) for pretty small bucks.
The Rogue Chronus Is easily hi Passed Rogue Audio has done many for us with both Vandersteen 
2W Q series and Vandersteen Quatro series with hipass installed.
Nice that many well wishers here are having fun with their svs woofers and their speakers but I don’t think any are actually using them with same phase and time correct design speakers you own Or asking about.
its real simple when you value live music Vandersteen Reference his speakers are all in sync with what the microphone diaphram picks up
whe many conventional designs drivers are 180 out of phase with their other drivers. The advantages 
of you choosing 
the 2WQ it hooks up with Its 6db x over same time coherent as your speakers and relieves all the heavy lifting your amp does below 80 hz
this allows the whole system to work with better clarity and transparency.