set up for rear surround speaker

Is there a right way to set up rear surround speaker? How high or how far away?
A little more info please.Are they side surround with a rear center.Dipole or mono pole.How big is the room (dimentions).Where is your main seating position relative to the side walls and rear walls.These answers will help narrow the right spot.
No one can advise with so little input but as a rule , 5 monopoles equidistant from listening position is a good start . If you cant do equidistant then use the delay . One milisecond for every foot difference from mains to you minus surrounds to you .The surrounds go behind torwards the corners but out from wall if possible for better imaging . Dipoles can be used on sides and put overhead a couple of feet { more or less } in line with head . Bipoles can be on side or against wall in rear . So many choices but with so little input from you , its useless to get specific.
If possible, place it the same distance behind you that the center channel is in front of you. That is a good rule of thumb. If you dont have much space behind you, (less than 2 feet) you might end up just wanting to ditch it.

My last HT rig was in a room about 12ft by 26 feet. The seating position in the center, with the two rear surrounds the same distance behind and apart as the fronts. they felt pretty natural at that distance.

The delay functions can help if you cannot get exact distance between sweet spot and each speaker, but ive never had too good of an experience messing with the delays. If you only have 1-2 feet behind you, you will probably feel that the rear sjust sounds too close.

If your couch is pushed up against the back wall, then forget about the rear surround, you need some space or it will feel gimmicky.