SF Serafino G2 vs Von Schweikert Endeavor RE

Any thoughts on the SF Serafino G2 or G1 versus the Von Schweikert Endeavor RE? Which one would you get? 


I haven't heard either, but my current speakers use that Scanspeak beryllium tweeter, and it is the best I have ever heard. Up to this point, I had always preferred silk domes to metal, but this tweeter really has it all.

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Yes, it is poisonous and dangerous to work with, but I don't think that we are in danger from listening to beryllium tweeters.

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If you jump off a bridge, you die.  Does that mean don't go on bridges?

What's your point?

Not trying to start an argument, so this is my comment on the topic.

Point is it is dangerous stuff. Even Focal has it in their OM.

Depends on how high the bridge is. 

I’ll try to swing this back OT. I own the Endeavor SE (not RE). I’ve heard the RE three times at shows, in systems familiar to me, and it sounds essentially similar to the SE. I’ve heard many Sf speakers over the years (although in different systems). I personally do not think this is an easy choice. I chose the E SE because I felt it was the best speaker for me, in a price range I could afford, after living 30 years with a pair of speakers that I felt could not be surpassed until I heard these Von Schweikerts. Sure, there are great speakers that I’ll never be able to afford, but these were better than all the others I’d heard (for me) and fit my pocketbook. :-) I like Sf for what they can do, but the choice was personal. I think it would have to be the same for anyone else. There is no “winner/loser” in this case.