SF Amati vs Serafino...?

Has anyone compared these two side by side...?

I currently own a pair of Serafino's and I'm looking to increase soundstage and imaging a little.... 

Last month, I posted about my experience listening to a pair of Sasha DAW's and was, and continue to be blown away by the open airy sound as well as plenty of punch and slap. A really well rounded sound for me...! Oh...but the way the look...! A friend in the UK put it best when he asked me where do you mount the machine guns..? My wife said they look like portable room ac units that you would buy at Home Depot... 

I LOVE the way the SF speakers look and sound....and I'm wondering if the larger Amati will open-up the air a little...?

It's not a massive jump in price considering I was ready to spend the xtra $18 - $20k on the Wilsons....even without the gun upgrade...!

I've listened to Focal, Audio Note, Fleetwoods and started my journey with SF Sonetto's, then jumped to the SF Olympica Nova 3's, then the Serafino's.

I'm driving them with a Gryphon Diablo 300 and my source is a DCS Bartok.

Nordust Frey Speaker Cables
TriodeWire Power Cords
WireWorld Interconects

Let the words of wisdom Flow....!

Thank you,

If I were shopping SF Amati, I'd have a hard time choosing between the older Futura or the newer Tradition. Both beautiful to look at while listening.

Anytime I've heard Amati's never disappointed. I'm a Stradavari  admirer myself. 

Enjoy whatever you decide.
B4 everyone here tells you to buy whatever speakers they bought I want to know why you don’t bring home a pair to try in your room? If your dealer won’t lend you a pair buy a used pair that you can resell if it doesn’t work.
I own Amati Traditional and would highly recommend them. They are outstanding speakers for air, musicality and bass.