Shindo Aurieges and Bel Canto M1000

Anyone has experience on Shindo Aurieges and Bel Canto M1000 together.
Not a combination that I would recommend; while the BC amp may be a good value it is not in the same class as Shindo. You would be wasting a lot of the Shindo's sonic potential.
Bill, Can you give a little detial why they are not a good combination? As far as I know tube preamp work well with BC ref1000M.
I used the combo for a while. I had the Bel Canto with a couple of other preamps driving Joseph 25xl's and the sound was never just right. I took a chance on the Shindo and the moment I put it in my system, I was very happy. I since have gotten more efficient speakers and different amplification, but I was great with the pair for 4-5 years. YMMV!

I think Bill was referring to the Shindo being a better piece than the Bel Canto amps, but it really depends on what speakers you are driving.

Good Luck!
It's just that the Shindo is capable of much higher performance than it will give when paired with the BC amps. You'll get some of the tonality that Shindo is known for, but the BC amp's circuit will mask much of its magic. Pair the Shindo with a Shindo power amp or at least another tube amp of similar caliber and you'll be able to hear what I'm trying to describe. It's often hard to put sonic differences into words, as it must just be heard to be understood. The Shindo/BC combo will work, but it's just not an optimal combination to get the most out of the Shindo. Just my experience, YMMV applies.
There is likely no technical reason why they are not a good match.

Whether one likes the results is a different story. If one likes Shindo then most likely more Shindo or similar tube amp will be preferred.

And of course the speakers used will be a big factor in what amp combo works best.

I use bc ref1000m amps with speakers that area good technical match and with arc tube preamp that is a similar good match on paper with the amp and the sound and performance is top notch imho. My speakers are not particularly tube amp friendly so that is pretty much that. My main rig is built around the speakers not the amp. Others might go about things differently of course and end up in a totally different but great sounding place. Ymmv as noted.
I understand the point you're making regarding the compatibility between
the Shindo preamp and the Bel Canto amplifiers. I do believe you would get
more of what the Shindo has to offer with a more suitable power amplifier. I
do not mean to imply that the Bel Canto is a bad amplifier, it is just not the
best match for the Shindo preamp exactly for the reasons you gave above.
For the record, I do not disagree the Shindo preamp is better served with another amp, but it is very good in most systems. If the OP needs the power of the Bel Canto for his current speakers, it is a good choice and If he choose to get different speakers and amplifiers in the future he has a good start with the Shindo.