shopping and need advice

I moved cross country and left my speakers behind. I am hoping I can get some advice from you audiogeeks...err I mean audiophiles ;) I had Rega Ela and loved the silky mids and trebble, but they just can't move your hips with hip hop or electronic or funk. I had vandersteen 2ci and they could certainly make "your booty go POW", but I really dont have room for those behemoths anymore, they would take over my space + I didn't think they sounded as good in the mid/high as my Rega.

I will be looking used, probably in the 7-1100 range. Can you make any suggestions that might help out? I would like a narrowish tower or perhaps monitor size. also if you know of any good hifi shops in the Albany NY area I would love to know of them.

Nad M4 signiture, NAD CD, analysis plus oval-12 speaker wire, kimber and DimMarzio connects.
try totem, the arro for around 750 used is in your budget, has a great sound.
Keep an eye open for the Radio Shack/Lineaum PRO LX-10s,on auctions/E-Bay.They sell for about $150/pr.The two 7" drivers are junk,replace with the Aurum Cantus 7" DVCs.Junk the crossover and replace with a 4.0mfd cap and .11mH inductor.The tweeter should be moved to 1 1/8 inch from front baffle (wood face,not the plastic one).
The great sound of the Lineaum tweeter and mids/bass that keep up.Very appealing for not much dough.
Thanks! I have researched your responses and based on my findings I am going to check out the PSB T65 and T6. I think either of those will deliver the bass punch I am looking for as well as delivering a good stage in general. I have owned Klipsch before and didn't care for them and need a bigger sound than the totem and LX-10s deliver, a buddy has a modded set. Any more ideas? Keep it coming!
I thought the T5s were very good for the price.The T6s should be a step further.
I noticed a place online called Oasis Audio and Video in Latham. They don't appear to have a website. They sell Grado cans is all I know. There's also a very interesting place called Audio Classics Ltd which carries a lot of new and tons of used gear. I've never seen a place quuite like it in fact. They carry loads of used McIntosh gear. I noticed used Conrad Johnson, Rogue, various Klpisch speakers.....all used. If anything, that place looks like it would be a lot of fun to visit. They have a live web cam in their listening room which is kind of strange.
Hi Donjr............Oasis Audio is out of business. Audio Classics is in the Binghamton area, a few hours southwest of Albany. Unfortunately, Albany does not have any high end audio stores. We used to have some great places here (Altair Audio and Mom's Stereo), but they're also gone. Hippo's in Stuyvesant Plaza is a really nice shop, but it's more focused on home theater (although they do carry Rotel, McIntosh, B & W, Marantz and a few other "audio only" lines.) Towne TV in Rotterdam carries Paradigm and Denon.

I've been living in the Albany area since 1985, and it's hard to believe that we can't support a high end audio store up here. My Vandersteens came from Altair Audio (back in 1997), my Rotel CD deck is from Hippo's, my amp is from Audio Connections (down in Jersey), and my turntable is from Signature Sound (a great little place outside of Syracuse....check out his website.) So, right now, it's slim pickings for hands-on audio shopping here in the Capital District. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
Ya, that is the major issue I am facing. I am not so flush that I can afford to just buy speakers by mail just to check them out. I would love to put my ears on some, but that is looking less and less of an option. So, business opportunity for someone. It might be better to land someplace like Saratoga Springs where there is a concentration of disposable income. Come on, someone open a shop!!!
I am nearing the end of a 4 month audition of Ohm Walsh 2000s. Although these are out of your price range, you might do well with the MicroWalsh Talls, near the top of your range. You did not mention your room size, but room volume ranges are specified for each model in the Ohm line at their web site: They are sold direct only. Based on your o.p., I think these might work well for you.

Another narrow tower that you might enjoy would be the Silverline Audio Preludes, ~$1200/pr new, but occasionally available used for much less.

Another low-priced favorite of mine are the DCM TFE200s. The TFE100s (which I have not heard), could be a nice price/size fit for you. Both models are narrow, tall and deep, if that works. I was extremely impressed with the TFE200s at an H.E. show a few years back. These are also sold direct, with, IIRC, a 30-day return option:

You've got a nice front end, and IMHO, they should mate well with any of the speakers I mentioned.