Should I buy the B&W 804d's or 805d's

Has anyone heard both speakers? I have the older 805's now along with a B&W sub. I could go either way.
If it were me I would wait until I could get the 803's. The 805's with a sub is a good combo. Personally I think you may be disappointed in going to the 804's IF you have give up the sub. With the 803's you may not even want the sub.
Just my opinion.
My issue is that the room is pretty small and really and floor speakers might look a little overbearing. That being said, if there was a huge difference in the 804d vs the 805d with a sub I would have to give this some serious consideration.
Get the 804Ds They are better balanced than the 803DIs. I had 805Ns with a sub and could never get the bass to sound correct. I think you will have better bass integration with 804Ds. Besides the 804Ds & 803DIs have a way better mid-range. I was quite shocked of how 804Ds and 802DIs were very similar compared to 803DIs. Tonally speaking. The 802DIs were better than the 804Ds but 15K is a lot of money
Ok the room will make a big difference. My experience is monitors with a sub should work out better. That being said my room is 12' X 26' with the speakers on the long wall (I have no other choice). I used to really like B&W until I heard the Dynaudio's. I own the C1's with a Rel B3 sub and wanted to upgrade to the C2's. So my dealer loaned me his C2's for a week. What I found the C2's was a wall of sound. Not bad but I really prefer the monitors in my setup. Now at the dealer he has a much bigger room and the C2's just blow away the C1's.

Just my experience with my room
When I liked B&W I compared the 805d to the 804d 803d and 802d's. Thats why I first recommended 803d's. When I did demo them they in at the dealer in a 20' 30' room. Also when I listened to the 805's they did not have a sub connected. So my personal opinion the 805s with a sub would be what I would recommend based on my experiences in your room.

Ideally you should demo them in your room with your electronics if at all possible. Everyone has their own opinion of whats sounds best.
Xti16, how would you compare the 805Diamond's to the C1's in overall terms.
The 805D's are the best B&W speakers I have ever heard, thats including their top of the line speaker, if you like B&W.
Personally the C1's with the esotar2 tweeter is so much smoother compared to the B&W diamonds (not as bright). The mid range sounds faster and a world more natural (especially acoustic guitars) and not as forward. Low end is very close but I think the C1's had a tad more punch. Overall the C1's to me sound more balanced from top to bottom. The C1's are more expensive with the stands which you really need ($7000 + $450). I also prefer the construction of the C1's too. The C1's have a 3" voice coil and made with HDF instead of MDF. I also feel the C1's have a better sound stage and more depth.

When I was on my speaker search I listened to the B&Ws first followed by the Sonus faber line. To me I prefered the SF's over B&W but was just a tad too much laid back. When I heard the C1's I had to have them right then. My search was over.
Your post is rather misleading. According to your other posts you bought the Dynaudio C1's long ago.So there is no way you compared the 805D to them since it wasn't released till just recently( atleast 2 years later than what you claim).
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>> When I was on my speaker search I listened to the B&Ws first followed by the Sonus faber line. To me I prefered the SF's over B&W but was just a tad too much laid back. When I heard the C1's I had to have them right then. My search was over.<<

FYI, the B&W diamond series was released this year. So there is no way you compared your C1's to the 805"Di" when you were on your speaker search a year ago.
Interesting. The dealer I went to told me the entire 800 series had switched to the diamond series when I was searching and there was no difference in the way they looked. They also told me that all the drivers had been upgraded not just the tweeters. I may have been misinformed. I didn't know any better and they were the only brick and mortar dealer I refuse to buy anything from them because of their attitude.

Just found my B&W brochure and you are right. Both the 804 and 805 did not have the diamond tweeter at the time I listened to them. Also at the time I thought floorstanders would work in my room and was more interested on the 802 and 803's which is why I didn't ask more questions regarding the 804 and 805's.

Thank you for correcting me
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Ok I called dealers in NYC and Boston yesterday and spoke with some very informative personnel. Both said the 804d's would be better since they were three way rather than two. Cant go wrong with either.
The advice you got that, categorically, a 3 way speaker is better than a 2 way speaker extremely, and I do mean extremely, poor advice. Not only does it depend on what you mean by "better" but there are just a host of factors that come into play. 2 way speakers typically are easier to integrate and often more coherent. 3 ways speakers may provide more detail or separation. Bottom line with speakers is you have to listen to them yourself with your source material, and numerous times. The closer in time you can shift between the speakers the better - by this I mean minutes, not days. The type of music you listen to is a factor; some speakers excel at piano (b&w) some I have found better with vocals (spendor, harbeth). And more than anything, the sound that you like is what is important. Dealers are notoriously poor persons to ask as to which product is better as they have an interest in the outome.
Just listened to both of them yesterday and I really liked the 804d's. The 805d's are definately going to need a good subwoofer whereas the 804d's sounded good all by themselves, though a subwoofer wouldn't hurt them either. Also, I felt that even with a subwoofer the 805d's upper bass and lower midranges might still be lacking compared to the 804d's. The 805d's did sound very good for what they are but not nearly as satisfying or enjoyable as the 804d's. Also, cosmetically, I thought the 804d's looked better. I didn't care for the stands on the 805d's which also adds another $700 to the cost. By the time you add the stands and a subwoofer, you're close to the cost of the 804d's. All of this is of course just my opinion. I also listened to some Maggie's that were nice too and alot cheaper. If only they weren't so damn big! Good luck.

800 Diamond: $24,000/pair
802 Diamond: $15,000/pair
803 Diamond: $10,000/ pair
804 Diamond: $7,500/pair
805 Diamond: $5,000/pair
I've just purchased a new pr of 804 diamonds. I was considering the 805d and I even had a pair of Sound Anchor 805 stands. After considering that I would require a sub and that the 804d has far better midrange driver I went with the 804d. They are a stunning value, very refined and they really swing with a kind of natural dynamic ease. The new diamond tweeter is just amazing. I previously owned the Dynaudio C1s and I can only say, the new B&Ws will be in my listening room for years to come. I'm REALLY happy with the 804 diamonds. Warning: I found that they are down right flat, boring and 2D until 100 music hrs and of course they will just improve over the next month!
Thanks 5560:
My former 804Ns also took 90 hours to come in.
Did you happen to compare the new 804 to the 805d prior to purchase?? I'm not entirely convinced the FST midrange makes that big a step up over that of the 805...
I went with the 804d's based on conversations with dealers around the country and just my gut that a three way might produce a fuller range of sound than a two way. I also wanted to make sure that my upgrade from the old 805's would be noticeable, especially in 2 channel. I am very happy with the 804d's so far, the music seems to be slightly better in the mid range and bass. In addition, the new diamond tweeter in the 800d series is just awesome. Honestly I probably would have been happy with either the new 804d or 805d, especially if my primary purpose was HT and the bass was being supplemented by a sub. My older 805's were moved to a second 2 channel system and in my opinion they are a bargain in the used marketplace, especially when you compare their price to a new pair of 805d's.
Currently running an Anthem D2 with an A5 amp, looking at potentially moving to a Classe 800 or McIntosh 150 with their corresponding 5 channel amps. Not that there is anything wrong in any way with my Anthem gear.

Should I buy the B&W 804d's or 805d's

You need to make this decision for yourself.If I suggested one over the other and you didn't like the sound,you would hate me and call me ugly names on audio chat room boards!!