Should I Keep my Second CD Player?

I have two CD players in my system: an Oppo 105 universal player and a Sim Moon Audio Supernova.

I am keeping the Oppo because it plays everything:   Sacds, Dvd Audio, Blu-Ray and Dvds.

I am on the fence between keeping the supernova or selling it.

Looking for some opinions/comments from the forum members to consider before I make my decision.


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Sell both players and pick up a Modwright Oppo BDP 105.  I had the older BDP 83SE modified by Modwright and it was a very musical player.  Suppose the 105 would be even beter.

@lcherepkai Forgot to mention that my Oppo 105 was extensively modified by Dan Wright.  It included a separate power supply with rectifier tubes, etc.  The cost of the mod was greater than the cost of the Oppo st the time.  You are correct in stating that it sounds very musical.  Plus it plays everything splendidly.


Yes, I am most certainly keeping this one. 😎

Sell the Supernova while you still can. The market for used CD players is shrinking by the minute. 

I would keep both.

I'm looking at least on or two more  CDPs  to have in addition to my OPPO 103.

+1 for horchia

I have had a couple occasions when my main equipment was in for repair or upgrading. It sure was nice not to have to go through 2-3 weeks, or more of system downtime. Plus, if you do have to switch CD players for a little while, that’ll give you a greater appreciation for just how good your OPPO sounds. 👍


Definely keep both of your CD players, not only for a back-up, but also if you decide to have a second (bedroom, office, ECT) system

I keep 3. My aged BelCanto Pl-1 which plays SACD and DVD-A much better than my Oppo 105 which I use for Blu-Ray. My main CD player for redbook only is the Spectral SDR-4000SV which is a gem. Based upon this, you know how I feel about keeping more than one cd player.

I agree, hang onto to it.  Who knows what the future availability of CDPs will be.

i Dunno, seems like you could get some nice change for the supernova. For a backup player just grab a $300 Marantz


I have a specific reason to keep both players. If you are into auditioning different cables having a second CD player as a control is a great way to reduce the effect of expectation bias. You can get a good sense of how the two players compare in sound and then when you swap the cables on one of the players you can hear if the sound materially changed. You can do this again and again over a period of weeks and really hear if there is much of a difference. IMO this is a much better way to judge cables (or other CD player tweaks) than long term listening on one player.

I never did get an Oppo so I have 4 CD players, 3 DACs, and one transport so that I can play CD, SACD, HDCD, and DVD Audio. That's more than I need but I sort of collect and keep the ones I like. I almost pulled the trigger on the Wright modified 103 a couple times and I’m pissed that I didn’t.

I have Oppo 105d and Simaudio 5.3 cd player.I love having both for just 2/ch and can appreciate what both offer my system .The sim is absolutely built like a tank and in pristine condition.It had a drawer issue that i had addressed some while back and was updated as well in the process...i dont remember it sounding as good as it is a consideration you might want to do.That sup-nova is a badass peice.Oppo’s come along way more often!?.

I will add if you selling pm me! 😉