Should I put my loudspeakers in a smaller room?

Hi all,

Thanks for reading!!! I have a Mcintosh LS360 - which I already post for sell. Reason is because my new born baby - where I put in my living room and can't enjoy much more. I decide to sell - and now I am thinking to put in my smaller room about 10 x 12 ft area. This is a loudspeakers. Is it a bad idea to put a loudspeakers in a small room? If I sell it - I will get a bookshelf speakers.

thanks for reading!!
Generally speaking a small room should have a small speaker, it will sound better in a room better matched to it's size.

Babies require a lot of changes, but they are worth the work!
I would try it. Small rooms can take a lot of bass output provided the speakers are positioned well. The room is not square so that's a very good start.

I have had a lot of luck with Cardas placement here:
First, NOW is the time to try it out while you have them and see how it works. I've heard the LS360's and really like them. My concern would be how close you will be sitting to the speakers in that room. With their multiple drivers, it may make everything jelling in the nearfield tough. You bave the speakers, room and "ears". See if it satisfies you.
I had my system in a 12X11 room and was very happy with the way it sounded. The small room did lead to alot of nearfield, solitary listenng though.