Should I use 2 different Power Conditioners?

I am currently using an APC power conditioner for all my gear. I do have a spare Monster Unit lying about that would allow me to divide up the task. I am thinking of using it for HT to reduce the burden on the APC.
Does this make any sense? I may give it a spin unless this is a waste of time.
Plug your power amps directly in the wall. Use your Power conditioner for CD, DVD, DAC, processor and pre amps. Do not use any cheap power strips if you don't have enough outlets.
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I agree with Elizabeth. I have a PS Audio Quintet for my main gear. The turntable and phono pre are in a PS Audio Duet. The video gear is in a separate circuit with an old Adcom. Anything to eliminate hum.

You might try sticking the digital stuff on the Monster, and all the rest on the APC to separate the digital from the other equipment.

So the Tubes pre amp, Phono pre and TT on the APC ?

How about the HT stuff?
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My powerconditioner has an isolation transforrmer included. Into it I plug all low current and digital stuff. The TV goes into a hi-current outlet while the amp and sub have there own circuit with a PSAudio Soloist outlet.
The conditioner has much isolation between sections other than the iso transformer so I don't worry about interaction.
AS you've been hearing, it's perfectly acceptable to use more than one conditioner, in fact, it's usually a good thing to spread out the overall distribution as inferred. Separating digital sources such as CD players/transports/processors from analog such as pre-amp/TT or anything "non-digital" is also a great idea. Plugging amps directly into the walls, sans conditioner, is usually/often the best way to handle amplifiers as many conditioners can be current-limiting when peak demands are made and can sometimes flatten dynamics.
I currently use 4 conditioners in my dedicated listening room including a dedicated 10 line breaker box (7 dedicated 20 amp lines for 2 channel, 3 dedicated 15 amp lines for the home theatre which will be integrating its own separate electronics into the room "someday when I'm ready to do it" and the other 2 (15A's) for lighting/A/C -heat, misc). The (7) remaining 20Amp lines all feed dedicated outlets for amps only, analog only, digital only, subwoofer and "other" (such as electronic crossovers, etc) only. I also use an MIT Z-center for the digital, an MIT HC (high current) for my pre-amp only, a Furman 15i for one of my crossovers, and the whole room is exclusive to a dedicated Abet 2201 whole house conditioner.
So, don't be reluctant to mix and match and use your ears to decide what works best. Good luck.
So....let me get this straight. THe Monster can host the CDP and the Processor. the APC can host the Preamp, TT Blu Ray and TV . I do not have an extra outlet to plug in the where should they go? Could I split them?