Can I use 2 different streamers in different systems through Qobuz?

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I finally took the plunge into streaming and I LOVE it! I bought the Bluesound Node and it's in my main system. I am using the DENAFRIPS Pontus II 12th and bypassing the Node's DAC. I have a second 2 channel system and was thinking of adding streaming there as well. Can I buy say the Cambridge MXN10 (I will also be using an outboard DAC on that one as well) and then just download the app for the Cambridge and be able to stream on my second system as well?


I will never be streaming both at the same time, just one or the other. I am using adapters for hardwired as my router is on another floor. I subscribe to Qobuz.


So is this doable? And any caveats I should know about? The reason I'm looking at the Cambridge is I hear it bests the Node in the "budget friendly" category. I may actually bring the Cambridge into the main system and move the Node...


Thank you in advance for all your help here...


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Should be OK with Qobuz,  Tidal will recognize that both devices are logged and kick one off.   

I like Qobuz because I can run it on my phone for the car , on each of my twp streamers at home without signing in every time.


As others have said, yes you can. I've done this when trying to compare streamers side by side. I've had the MXN10..well I actually still have it but not using it currently. The software on it is very good, I used it hardwired Ethernet. It's a very convenient piece. You can save playlists or Internet radio stations to the 4 buttons up front. You can just press one of the buttons and your saved content will stream.

Unit will go into standby after 20mins of no activity which I liked... though I believe you can adjust that time. The Cambridge has a nice look and solid feel to it. Shortly after trying the MXN10 I tried a Primare Prisma. It's a couple hundred dollars more expensive but I found a used one cheaper. For me it had better sound quality over the Node & Cambridge plus you can upgrade the power supply for more improvements. Extra expense though, plus it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the MXN10. All in all the Cambridge is a good budget piece. 

I liked my CA MXN 60 so much that was using in my 2 channel system that I bought a second unit for the main floor HT system. I have streamed Qobuz and the same Internet Radio system through them simultaneously.  I I also have simultaneously played the same file from my NAS

Thanks @mahler123 ​​​​@mattw73. I checked out the Primare, but one important thing is a USB Ato B for connection to my Pontus DAC. Cambridge MXN10 does not offer that USB connection. So I am now extremely close to pulling the trigger on the Eversolo DMP-A6. It's more than I wanted to spend but the reviews are great and users consistently mention ease of use for the app (which is also very important for me), and it looks like it has the USB connection. I am leaning heavily in this direction. Then I'll move the Node to my second system and have the Eversolo in my main system...


Thanks again for the replies, feel free to offer advice/alternative solutions/suggestions😁

@kingbr yes, I was going to bring up the lack of USB on the Prisma but since you had mentioned the Cambridge I thought it might not be important to you. Definitely a deal breaker for most people. I personally haven't heard it but would assume the Eversolo is a safe bet. I was just chatting with a fellow that has also tried a good amount of budget-ish streamers and he had good things to say about the DMP-A6. He liked it so much he upgraded to the newer and costlier A8. He went to the higher unit in hopes of using its internal Dac. I think your Pontus is plenty fine for the A6. Good luck and hope to hear your impressions somewhere down the line. 

@mattw73 Thanks so much! I literally just watched a video review on the DMP A-6 and I’m about to pull the trigger! Sealed the deal for me! Ya I thought the MXN10 offered USB and was heartbroken that it didn’t…again thanks so much for taking the time to respond and for the advice! HUGE help man👍🏻😊

You can stream in as many systems as you like if each has a streamer input.  

You can/can’t . If you are just using one system at a time you can. If you want to use both at the same time you can not. A Qibuz duo membership lets me have both streamers going at once. 

"Access to the QOBUZ streaming service is strictly personal and cannot be used on several multiple Devices at the same time, except for DUO and FAMILY offers."

If you use Roon and the streamers are end points then that’s a different matter.

Thanks @mapman, I thought so but wanted to reach out and check with all the experts here to confirm. Thank you @wsrrsw I figured that as well, which is why I mentioned I would only be using one or the other, never both at the same time. Thank you for clarifying that…


Pulled the trigger on the Eversolo DMP-A6 Master! Ended up going over budget, but I did have an Amazon gift card that helped. True I was going to use it on the DMP standard version as well🤦🏼‍♂️😂! But in the review he specifically compared the 2 and said the differences were audible and in his opinion it was worth the extra $400 for the Master…


The other problem was that now I had to of course upgrade my power cable and USB cable so I also ordered a Synergistic Foundation SX 12 power cable and Synergistic Foundation SX USB…it never ends…but I’m definitely excited!😆