Should say this and be fair with PS Audio stuff

In my earlier post I have expressed some scepticism on class D, in general, and 
PS audio  gear, in particular. PS Audio Stellar S300 was my first class D amp
(I was accustomed with tube gear) and I paired it with PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell
pre. I have them in my third audio system which I do not use often. Although the performance
of Stellar S300 has initially impressed me given its price, in combination with the Gain Cell pre,
the overall sound did not seem to me impressive. Compared to my tube gear, 
it was a bit harsh and bright.  But this initial impression turned out to be too crude. 
Each time I return to that system, it sounds better. I guess it took more than 1000
hours to reach this level of reproduction, which is still getting better.
My confusion was also cased the DAC incorporated into the pre, which, for
my taste is far below the quality of the pre and the power amp. I use the pre only with an
external DAC (Reimyo DAP 777). The amp drives nicely Thiel CS3.7s and
I love the overall sound, open, alive, enough clean with tight base and nice mid-hight
frequencies. Nothing to complain about (a rare occasion when likely, I feel satisfied). 
It is not a top level equipment I have ever heard (with the cost of several times more)
but it is something that i really like and am satisfied with.   
And, it is also fair to mention about the service in PS audio, fast attentive responses and actions.  

That's an important part of audio, opinions are subject to change. You learn as you go. Thanks for stepping up. 
agree w russ

we all need to be modest and patient enough to give many components second chances - initial impressions are often just that
I bought the M700s at the same time as the GC Dac/Pre. Both were thoroughly broken in. I found the pre desperately wanting/needing a better power supply. I reached out to Paul, but got a BS answer, which surprised me as he is known to have outboard PSs. I replaced it with a Audio Alchemy DDP-1 which was a huge improvement that took several steps up when I was finally able to find/buy the matching PS 5 power supply. The amps were quite good, but I had a unique opportunity to try (30 day in home) a EVS 1200 (dual mono based on IcePower AS 1200 modules, then highly tweaked by EVS/Tweakaudio: 2.5+ times the power for the same money. The sad news is, EVS stopped production on it, but has switched to VTV and Purifi mods 
Are you admitting then that you are unable to hear any difference from new?
The happy news is that I am modding IceEdge amps for people (including the PS Audio 1200s). So, my amp is back! Yes, I mod Purifi based amps too.
I have tried to hook up the Stellar S300 with other preamp, a Nuprime headphone amp, a Mcintosh pre and Wired4Sound STP 2. While the latter pre in general, I like more than Gain Cell, guess what, i like the combination  Gain Cell with S300 the most among these four (I use STP with another class D amp in my main system). You may trust Paul from PS audio, there should have been some reason for his answer. Earlier I have asked PS audio if their BHK pre would fit better with S300, the answer was no, that GC is a better fit. I didn't try Audio Alchemy DDP-1, would be interesting but I am so far satisfied with the Gain Cell.