Shoutout for the 432EVO Aeon III and Dave Lalin of Audio Intellect

Around the beginning of August '22 I started on a journey to upgrade my near field system which at that time consisted of a pair of PSI Audio A17-M studio monitors, Topping DX7PRO DAC and a Bluesound NODE streamer. That combination produced a very satisfying sound, but as many of us audiophiles know all too well, the "how much better could it get?" question emerged. Since the PSI Audio A17s are considered by many as the pinnacle of professional near field monitors, I turned my sights to upgrading the DAC. After much digging around the net, including here on Audiogon, I pulled the trigger on the HOLO Audio May DAC KTE version and WOW, just WOW, not surprisingly that was a huge upgrade. 

Still one component remained that could be holding things back and that was the value priced Bluesound NODE. So I started my search for the best streamer/server under 10k. I eventually read about the 432EVO reference music servers, but unfortunately, there was very little in the way of multiple professional reviews or user feedback, but what I did read was very positive and the idea of trying out the optional 432hz tuning was also intriguing, so I pulled the trigger on the 432EVO Aeon III at the end of August and ordered one from Dave Lalin of Audio Intellect who is the US importer for 432EVO. It did take a while to get in because of the global parts supply chain issue that has affected many manufacturers, but I finally received it near the end of December. Yay!

As the saying goes; "Good things come to those that wait" couldn't be more true in the case of finally getting the 432EVO Aeon III! It's been in my system for about a week, playing continuously and I'm sure it's still breaking in. But the sound improvement so far over the Bluesound NODE is staggering! The improvement is just about equal to what I heard in going from the Topping DX7PRO DAC to the HOLO May KTE! The sound became even more organic and relaxed with less congestion. There was more detail, air and 3D space between instruments and performers. So yes, music servers absolutely make a difference! And the question was answered, yes, it can get much better! I have not heard any of the other high end contenders, so I cannot comment directly on those, but I can say with confidence that the 432EVO Aeon is a fantastic sounding machine. A big thanks to Dave Lalin for all his excellent customer support and for helping to promote this great machine in the U.S..



Congratulations on your excellent outcome! It comes as no surprise (To me) that improved server/streamer quality is as impactful as your DAC upgrade. The improvement with the better Holo May KTE DAC was still stifled by the Node’s limitations as the digital source. Your sound quality blossomed significantly (Staggering as you put it) replacing the Node with the higher quality 432 EVO server. This sonic performance progression makes perfect sense to me.


Thanks Charles!

Yes, it shouldn’t have come as a big surprise that the addition of the Aeon yielded a big improvement over the NODE, but there’s often a general sentiment out there that "bits are bits" which puts more emphasis and areas of improvement with the DAC. While the truth is that the server/digital front end is equally as important.

Happy listening!


but there’s often a general sentiment out there that "bits are bits" which puts more emphasis and areas of improvement with the DAC.

Yes, but just because something is repeated (Bits are bits) over and over doesn’t make it right. There are many people who have experience what you have described. Improving the digital source/music server/network player led to a substantial improvement in sound quality. Some would even say staggering! 😊


Benton it was a pleasure working with you, and thank you for your review and purchase.


To date we have gotten several great reviews in TAS, positive feedback and we have a new review going up on Stereotimes

it does take time to get the word out.

We have tested the Aeon vs the 12k aurender and the Aeon was substantially better

we also sounded jest as good as the 25k Innous Statement with the upgraded psu

now another client found the Aeon was substantially better then his antipodes server

so yes thanks to people willing to try a server like you we are starting to grow our dealer network and continue to grow the brand

Dave and Troy

audio intellect NJ

US Importer 432Evo music servers