Siegfried Linkwitz Passes

Such a creative mind, a wise man, and a good guy. He will be missed.
From the current Stereophile news release, their reporter's quote from a recent interview:

"One thing Linkwitz said stuck with me. I'd asked him about measurements, and the often considerable difference between what's seen in measurements and what's actually heard in listening. 'What is important to the eye is not necessarily important to the ear,' he said. 'Why should it be? Nature makes sure each does its job and does its job perfectly. You get cues from the eye, but some things that look gross in the frequency response, the ear says, "I don't care".'

"That from a guy who's more a scientist than an artist. Never forget those words when you look at measurements, in Stereophile or elsewhere. Measurements are useful tools, but don't let them hold you hostage."

Best wishes from all of us speaker guys to the Linkwitz family. He meant a great deal to a countless number of people.

I owned the "Dvorak" system he designed for Audio Artistry. Fantastic sound! R.I.P.

Rest in peace, Siegfried.  And thank you for your kindness and brilliant contributions. 

Brilliant designer his Audio Artistry Beethoven was the first speaker I really lusted after reading the Stereophile review back in 97! RIP.
VERY important theorist, researcher, and designer. Guys like him aren't thick on the ground.
@royj, thank you for initiating this thread.

A giant in the industry, whose value and gifts to it could never be overstated.  Hope his family can find comfort in this moment.  May he rest in peace
amd peace and grace upon his family
truely massive contributions he will remain in our hearts and ears!
So sorry to hear about Siegfried’s passing, what a great font of knowledge which will live on in his achievements and website. 
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Big loss to the speaker design community. Fremer's interview at his bedside back in July seemed to indicate his fragile condition. RIP.
Innovator and huge talent loss and from what I understand a nice guy.  Sorry to hear of this Thoughts & prayers for his family.