Silverline Minuet Speakers and Receivers or Amps

I recently read a review of the Minuets where the reviewer felt that the Minuets "did not like receivers". I am not all that informed on the subject of audiofidelity and was wondering how a speaker might differentiate between the power source in a receiver versus the power source of an amplifier and how that would impact the sound quality. The reason I ask is that I am trying to chase down a pair of Minuets to use with my Harman Kardon HK 3490 receiver. Any insight would be most appreciated.
Some folks get carried away with their comments about things.The speakers probably didn't sound good with his reciever so he just threw out the "do not like recievers" comment with no technical facts or real life experience.Don't take comments like these seriously.
That is fairly odd to say, some speaker does or does not like receivers.

Naturally, he used seven or eight different brands of recievers for his assessment, right?

Critical blanket statements like those just kill me, if of course that is what was written in the review without supporting them by first hand conparisons.

Maybe the reviewer was drinking at the time. Some actually do, you know? I'm not sure which is worse... unfounded remarks or getting loaded while writing a review.
I think he is simply mistaken. When I heard the Minuet demo'd at HE2007 in NYC, they were fed with not just a receiver, but an old Phillips receiver that Alan Yun (of Silverline Audio) had found at a garage sale. Couldn't have been good for more than 30 watts/channel. The sound was nevertheless impressive. One review I read (not sure where) suggested the Minuets be paired with the Outlaw stereo receiver for a high-value entry level hifi system. HK makes, IMO, a solid receiver with decent amplifier capabilities. I would be surprised if the Minuets didn't work well with your HK.
I use mine in my gym with a NAD receiver and their relationship is perfectly cordial

Thanks for each of your responses. Mine are also for my basement gym/drum room Martykl. You've confirmed what my instinct was telling me. I have the order in and am salivating in anticipation of hearing from the retailer that they have received them to ship them out. Frankly, of all the reviews that I have read about these speakers, and I have probably read every single one, including a recent one from the 2010 CES (?) show, that single comment was the only one you could identify as negative. I'm stoked to get em set up and fired up for some Zappa, Was (Not Was), Tubes, Return to Forever............
I'm using Minuets in my office, and was curious enough about your question to swap out the t-amp I'd been using and set up the old HK receiver it replaced. It's staying. Sounds great and the tone controls are nice to have since nearly all of my listening is at very low volume.
With 3 different types of Silverline speakers on hand, Sonata IIIs, SR 15, and a Center stage HT loudspeaker, I've ran them all at various times using two different recievers.

A 10 YEAR OLD Sony STRV 444 ES, (110WPC @8), AND THE MORE CURRENT Onkyo TX SR 805, which has a little more power at (130-140wpc @ 8), at low levels, and mid levels, in small rooms and mid sized rooms, with no real issues to speak of here.

Some have been driven by amps with as little as 60 wpc and again, with no concerns.

RWV of course, and tone, integration into the room, and user preffs will have some affect on how one likes or dislikes their end results, but I can say without mitigating a thing, they don't dislike these two recievers I own, or any of the 3 other amps I own as well..

I will say this... and I suppose it applies to the largest portion of speakers in general, serving them good power in sufficient amounts will broaden the smile on your face. It's really an either or situation IMHO. Very good adequate power, 60-120, or a good bit of it, 150-200.

They're also honest enough to enable the owner to determine any upstream changes too. Hopefully the Minuets will be as easy to accomodate as have been other Silverline speakers I've experienced first hand. If they're virgin speakers, be paitient. it'll be a while for 'em to flesh out and really perform.

Thanks for everyone's insight. I truly can't wait for them to get here. I thought I would give you the link to the "review". Clearly he made a blind statement without providing any basis for the statement.
Well, I went a head and ordered the Minuets. They ship out today. Hope to have them by the weekend. Can't wait to hook them up and see how they sound.
If they are new just remember there will be a break in period;I don't know what that would be for this manufacturer perhaps a user will give you some idea of break in time;enjoy the purchase.
This is just a follow up. I recieved the Minuets at my front door yesterday and was as excited as a kid on Xmas/Chanukah as I opened up the box after coming home from work. My first reaction was "man these things are small". It turns out that looks can be deceiving. I immediately hooked them up and spent the rest of the evening going through my collection listening to my favorite stuff. That spanned a whole range from Brecker/Hancock/Hargrone - New Directions (Naima), Zappa - Overnight Sensation, Tubes - Tip of My Tongue, Was (Not Was) - Mr. Alice, Hello Operator, Return to Forever - RTF Returns, Earth Wind & Fire - Live in Tokyo, Steely Dan - Aja, George Duke - Illusions.....and the list goes on. I have to say the reviews I have read are right on. They have a clear, clean and full sound. Vocals are especially clear and vibrant. Mid range is excellent. I found that the tonal qualities of many of the tom-toms on drum tracks is incredible. I've never heard that before on my Paradigms or Cambridge Soundworks. My room conditions are less than ideal, but even so, these little speakers filled my basement with sound. I am going easy on them for the first 50 to 100 hours to give them a chance to break in. They sound fantastic with my Harman Kardon HK 3490 along with a Polk PSW10 sub. Now all I can do is think about getting home to listen to more music. I highly recommend them to anyone with limited space issues or a need for a pair of bookshelf speakers. You will not be disappointed. And for the record, these things DO like receivers!
Great to hear it, Mntnman62! I wouldn't worry about holding back on the Minuets for the first 50-100 hrs, though. Alan builds very rugged speakers. Although I never heard the Minuets with a subwoofer, I can imagine that the combo, once dialed in properly, would be quite satisfying. And being eager to get home and listen is a very good sign!
I have the same subwoofer with these speakers and once you get them dialed in, its a great little setup. I have them on a onkyo 7555 integrated amp.

I listened to a good number of speakers in the $1200 and under range and then decided to buy these without an audition based on the strength of the reviews. I also needed very small speakers. I wasn't disappointed.
Quick question: I'm using the Minuet Supremes in a HT setup. Any suggestions about the best AV receiver to match up with these babies? I'm looking to spend $500-$700, and happy to buy used equipment. Thanks!