Sim Audio question...

Hi All!

I am considering buying a Sim Audio integrated amp. It has those spikes for feet and I don't want to use them on my acrylic rack.

Does Sim provide two different types of feet with their products?
Not that I'm aware of. I used cups similar to those you can use for speaker feet.
I've owned three Sim Audio integrateds and I very highly recommend them but I don't think they offer an alternative for the feet. The very sharp tips are removable but there still are small diameter metal tips left to be dealt with.

One option with an acrylic rack would be to use this kind of disc protector, the same kind of thing that is used with speaker spikes on hardwood floors. There are cheaper versions available on ebay and other places and I expect they all work pretty much the same.

You could contact Sim Audio at 450-449-2212, to get an answer directly.
Ebay has those disc protectors for a very reasonable price.
Just type in speaker spikes and the first set of 4 was only $8.
Hope this helps.
I believe the Simaudio components come with the protector discs that accomodate their feet. Shouldn't be a problem. I would confirm with a Sim dealer or by calling Sim directly.
All Sim gear comes with very small disks/cups. I use an evolution CD player on a clear acrylic rack with no problems.
Get a nice maple platform to put it on. Or four pennies.
I have had a Sim I5 two differant times and have thought about it again. Don't let the fine points get in your way. There are so many solutions to your problem.
You don't need a wooden platform or pennies. ALL SIM GEAR COMES WITH SMALL DISKS/PUCKS!!!
They work just fine.

What if the OP is buying second hand and the seller doesn't have them anymore?

I agree with what's been said - there's plenty of ways around this. Don't cross a Simaudio piece off your list due to something like this.
Kb...if the original poster is smart enough to afford sim gear and smart enough to figure out how to post on forums, then he can well call Sim and order a set of pucks which were designed for his piece of gear (if he bought it used and it did not come with pucks).
Pennies will scratch the hell out of acrylic shelves...that is bad advice.
Wood, unless finished and polished, will also scratch the hell out of acrylic shelves...again, bad advice.
So I will say it again....all sim gear come with cups so the pointed feet do not damage the shelf it is placed upon. If you buy used and it does not have these pucks....CALL SIMAUDIO.
The # for SIMAUDIO is 877-980-2400. Press 9 for English and then press 3 for sales. Ask for small pucks that go under equipment.
It is that easy.
I have had Simaudio I-3se, I-5, and I-7. The Sim pucks are the way to go. They are about the size of a nickel with a leather like cushion on the bottom to protect any shelf they may be sitting on. In the event you don't want to pay the Sim price or wait for shipping you can easily take four nickels, cut circular pads from an old piece of leather, and glue to the nickles. Whatever you decide, enjoy the amp.
Thanks everyone! Now I know what the pucks are like.

I was considering some wood and gluing felt to it so that the shelf would not get damaged.