Simple Question re Tidal Playback

I am considering signing up for Tidal HiFi CD quality service. I have a PS Audio DSD DAC which has a USB input. and a Bryston BDP-1 digital player and a modem/router from Spectrum (Time Warner). I am trying to figure out how to play Tidal.

If I simply connect a USB cable from laptop connected to Tidal to USB input on DAC, will this do the trick? Any other options? Thank you.

Yes that will do the trick. I was a bit surprised to see your Bryston doesn't support Tidal streaming it seems like an odd omission for that type of device. If it were me I would ditch the Bryston for a more up to date device that does the file streaming the Bryston does plus streaming music services like Tidal. Then no computer would be needed. Just my 2 cents.

The BDP-1 does support Tidal Streaming.  Unless it is a non-updated Gen 1 USB only device.  If it is any later version that has SPDIF and AES inputs as well as USB then is either can steam Tidal or will be able to after a firmware update to the latest MPD version.
Thanks for the responses.

It is an old, first generation Bryston BDP-1 which still works fine. The more recent BDP's support Tidal streaming.

I want to try out Tidal first the old-fashioned, wired way before I move on to a streaming solution. I actually listen to FM radio a lot via my Sansui T-X1 tuner and when I had a friend demo Tidal for me on his streamer, I was disappointed in how much music it did NOT have, e.g., Love's Forever Changes, several Ricki Lee Jones albums, etc.