Simplifying my main rig and looking for cable suggestions

Hello all,
Looking for input.  I have decided to downsize and simplify my main rig.  Looking for cable suggestions.  In the past I have gone through Tributaries, Audience, Audioquest and finally settled on Synergistic Research which I really like because of detail without glassy harshness, very black backgrounds and especially their ability to project a very open  3D holographic and focused soundstage.  My negatives are minor....mostly I find them just a bit lacking for "meat on the bones" and the whole grounding thing which absolutely works but hate all the additional grounding wires....not visually appealing to have all those additional wires everywhere.  My gear is McIntosh MC75 III mono blocks, C500T pre, Lumin A1 w/ Kenneth Lau LPS feeding Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolutions (occasionally Harbeth Compact 7's) paired with a pair of REL G-2 subs.  Would appreciate any inputs.
I have built a second system that I seem to be spending more time with.  Much simpler and cost effective, but in a much larger room that presents everything in better scale.  My McIntosh rig is in a highly treated but very small (15'6" x 10' 6") room and although it is very good....the room is highly restrictive simply due to size.  I plan to replace the MC75's with a single MC275, replace the two box C500T with a C2700 single box, run a smaller REL with Harbeth P3esr speakers.  Looking for cabling suggestions....something with the openess and focus of Synergistic Research without all the grounding wires.   Possible it may end up being the SR lower level cables that don't require grounding but was looking for suggestions.  I am running Harbeth Compact 7's in the larger room and expect to move up to Super HL5+ or 40.2's.  I really like the Harbeths, not quite as refined as the SF's but IMO, tonally superior.  They are both very good at imaging.
I would look at the UP-OCC coper cables from Zevfino or if your budget extends upwards, InAkustik

Both companies use a more advanced cable geometry for improved  performance and sonics

Regards - Steve
going from audiophile grade cables to generic or pro-grade cables will help to downsize and cut cost without compromising the rest of quality.
Mogami is for interconnect cables and Canary is for speaker wire can be found in most of pro-gear retailers such as,,,
mostly I find them just a bit lacking for "meat on the bones" 
I think Acoustic Zen Satori might be what you’re looking for.  Excellent detail, imaging, and holographic soundstage with just a hint of heft in the mids.  Best of luck.  

I decided to switch to Video Component Cables, two gave me 3 pairs of interconnects, each pair different colored connectors. (they peel apart to 3 individual cables easily).

6 nines copper, superior insulation, and, aside from the price, what makes me happiest, very tight locking RCA connectors.

Dynamic Designs. The battery pack powered shielding is easy, batteries last a year if left on. Titania series power cords check all the boxes you describe. The more DD you use, the more holographic it gets. Nuanced and natural sounding with detail, extension, etcetcetc. I use a Heritage AE15 set of IC's, too.

Battery cable never sound as good as a great cabe  im using TARA LABS MUSE great sounstage,imaging,depth,airy highs,wonderful midrange and great bass detail and impact.

I am using Synergistic Research Foundation series cables (speaker, interconnects, and power) with my McIntosh C2700 and MC275. There is no background noise at all. It’s completely dark and spooky quiet. The Foundation cables with the C2700 and MC275 is a stunning combination.