Small Room - VR4jr or Gallo Ref 3.1

My room is 10.5 x 15 feet with a 7 foot opening behind my seating on the other end of the short wall. I can place the speakers 4ft from short wall and about 18" from side walls, sitting 9 ft away with the opening into another room behind me.

I also had my eyes on a Audio Physic Scorpio if I want to spend more. The VR4jr and Gallo's are the same price

I have a PASS x250 amp

Thanks for any thoughts and sugestions
You have a similar problem that I also have. i.e. being up against it in the speaker/room size limitation. All the big and better speakers go for naught in "our size rooms".
BTW, both of your candidates are excellent speakers. Spend the bucks on good ancillaries.
Bad choice for either. That close to the side walls should have a speaker with controlled directivity.
RHLJazz, A decent room/wall treatment on the offending surface would solve the near reflection issue ;~)
RHLJazz, A decent room/wall treatment on the offending surface would solve the near reflection issue ;~)
Barry_e_cohen (Threads | Answers)

That would certainly help but a controlled directivity speaker would be better, or something like a Magnepan 1.6 would also work close to sidewalls and 4 ft out from the frt wall. The Pass 250 would sufficient power.

How do you feel about Maggies?
Small VMPS may be great, you will get most everything that folks love about Magnepan and easy placement.
I like what I've heard, but I'm not very experienced with them. A friend had a set I heard a number of times, but it was a good number of years ago, I don't recall the model number but they were about 2' across and some 6' or 7' tall. Those were amazing. I also heard the MMGs a few times at a near by dealer, they were nice but really needed a good sub to do the whole frequency range.

If you look at my post history it's somewhat obvious I'm a Gallo fan, but as I don't have experience with the other speakers the OP was asking about I didn't feel I should make a recommendation of one over the other. My room is 10'10" x 21'6". I have my Reference 3.1s about 3' from the back wall and 2'6" from the side walls and I sit 10'6" from the speakers. So I think they could work well in his room, but don't know how they would compare to the Audio Physics, as I've never heard them.
I bought the VR4jr's and got them set up last night. I will play around today with room position, but I can say right off the bat they are a quality well designed speaker. Great full range and imaging (I owned Magnepan mg3.6) and these can creat a sound stage like them.

So bottom line they work and look good in my room.

Thanks for all the responses