SME V/309 Tonearms With LP12 or VPI MKIII

I have now acquired an SME 309 and SME V tonearm, both in excellent condition. I Also have a VPI 19 MKIII, but want to also try an LP12, does anyone have any experience with using an later model SME tonearm on a LP12? I only see info on Linn arms and Naim Aro's.....never SME arms. Thanks for your help in advance
The newer SME arms have a fairly heavy base section which could set the Linn suspension off balance. I don't know for sure because I haven't tried it. Some of the heavier arms have had trouble with Linns. The SME's are very good arms though.
SMEs work well with VPI turntables but not Linn in my experience. In my opinion, with Linn it makes the music sound too rich and too fat in the bass.
There is an LP12 drilled for an SME arm for sale here on the Gon today. I assume the seller used that arm at one point; why not email and ask him/her for impressions?
SME 309 and V arms work well on VPI turntables.
SME 309/IV/V do not work well on Linn as mentioned by Twl earlier(too heavy for Linn suspension).
Instead of "I read it somewhere", please.....

SME arm is not heavier than Ekos. Works extremely well on LP12 properly setup. Later LP12 with corner brace may need to file off some wood.

309 easily beats Ittok. Of course, it is personal taste between Ekos vs. SMEV, but a new SMEV could be $1800, but Ekos about $2500, no contest. Just get a properly cut SME armboard.
Sorry but SME arms do not work on the LP12 period.There again they don't seem to work on any turntables!

Listen to Casey from Extremephono, SME arms work just fine on LP12's. I intsalled a Model 10 SME along with the Extremephono armboard & sub-chassis on my LP12 & the sonic performance that I have obtained is outstanding! The only modification required is the removal of 80% of the plinth corner brace near the arm mount. In passing I would recommend a visit to the Extremephono web site as this gentleman really knows about the inherent problems with this turntable & modifications that can really let it SING!

Dave Bishop