SME3009 Series II - how good or bad?

I have an un-modified Linn LP12 (1974/75)with SME 3009 Series II tone arm and Goldring 1042. How good/bad is this tone arm? I just fitted an Origin Live motor & speed control as first upgrade to TT and need to make some decision on the upgrading path from here onwards. Any suggestions would be appreciated
the sme 3009 and 3009mkII are considered legendary, so i guess you'll be fine using it.....
Hi Jaybo, thanks. To assist me further - which arm do I have to buy for a good upgrade? Would something like an Origin Live Silver be good or do I need to go beyond this?
Graham.I am going to buy a Mk.IV or V or stay with VPI products but only because the SME can be goiten with removable headshells or VPI for multiple tubes but I want to swap tubes to use more than on cart on one deck (and don't want multi arm tables like Clearaudio because unlike early 70's (pre-digital) not enough companies make multi arm decks and you also have extar arm cost.But take apoll and my guess is Graham would come up as the brand in it's high end range which is the arm to beat and I think Graham would be the top choice.
Cft, I have an LP12 of the same era and thinking about upgrading to the Origin Live motor kit. Did you get a dramatic improvement of sound quality after the upgrade?
I am considering the Origin Live tonearm also.
Hi Dchan88. Cleared up bass, less surface noise (little), added Impact (attack) and some detail. I only run a Goldring 1042 at this stage but this upgrade proved that the "sky is the limit". A realy good option - go for it!!! Absolutely worth the cost.