Snell Phantom B7 vs Snell B Minor

For my music setup, I have a pair of Snell B Minors, driven by CJ tube amps and listen mostly to classic and jazz.

There is someone offering me a pair of them w/o the possibility to audition them as they are new in the box.

How does the B7 compare to other speakers in the same price category and more specifically, how do they compare to the B Minor? Do they sound much better?

Your comments is very much appreciated. Thank you!
The Snell Phantom B7 is an amazing speaker . There is no comparison betweek the Snell B minor speakers. Of course its also unfair because the Snell B minor speakers were $3700 a pair verse the Phantom B7 speakers are $25,000 for the pair. I am a big Snell fan and owned many models over the last 25 years.

Let me tell you the Snell Phantom B7 out performed my B&W 800D speakers, and I mean hands down.

The Snell Phantom B7 speakers from initial conception through to production, every element and every detail that defines the $50K Snell Illusion A7 speakers has been measured, analyzed and documented for the sole purpose of establishing the engineering plan for Phantom B7.

To quote Snell:"Willing to sacrifice less than a third of an octave of bass, no more than 3dB of acoustic output and scaled to 75% in physical size, the bar was setÂ….Phantom B7 was otherwise to replicate the Flagship Snell A7 speakers".

End of quote.

After seeing and listening to Snell Phantom B7 speakers recently, I bought a pair and traded in my B&W 800D speakers. These Snell Phantom B7 speakers are in my main reference system for critical listening and tons of enjoyment.

The Snell Phantom B7 is a must listen to anybody who wants to end the search for an ultimate speaker for budget in the $25K range.
Mfslgoldcd - how do you like the Snell Phantom B7's compared to the Sonus Faber Extremas you own?