SnubWay Question Thread

Happy New Year

For those interested - the 1st of three Snubber Products is ready for full scale production - SnubWay works really well with Puron, each doing their job in good order. 

Viet made a tidy little video to explain the product a bit and make a demo - this is from his What’s On The Bench Videos

We tested ParaSnub (aka SnubWay) with a simulated SMPS noise source that has an 1kohm impedance. This is to simulate a typical SMPS transformer impedance between the high frequency generated voltage and the line (mains) that it is connected to. We inject about 5Vpp 400kHz, 100kHz and 60kHz noise using a function generator and get between -30dB to -33dB reduction in noise (about 100mV to 150mVpp). This is a significant amount of noise reduction and can really help clean up the SMPS noise contamination in our power outlet strip. The level of reduction may vary, and will depend on your particular SMPS noise source impedance, your equipment, and your particular house wiring, etc.

A short You Tube Video here




Good Afternoon

SnubWay is on our new site for Pre Order. We have units already and we are very pleased with the results on several levels 

Please visit our new site if interested 

A few pictures here to share

Many thanks - Mark



Sorry I've been late to get this posted. Just had Oral Surgery and other stuff going on at the same time.

YES OZZY - FUSE BOX MAX (11 amps to 30 amps) ready next week I'm told. About 50% bigger (length) and it's working great. Supply Chain slowed this one down 

Happy Holiday All - Mark 

Any reviews yet for those who have purchased the SnubWay. Would love to hear comments. 


Delivery timeline projections have not been met. At least that is the case with my pre-order.

When it finally does arrive hopefully it's worth the wait.

Based on my past experience I believe it will have been.