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Happy New Year

For those interested - the 1st of three Snubber Products is ready for full scale production - SnubWay works really well with Puron, each doing their job in good order. 

Viet made a tidy little video to explain the product a bit and make a demo - this is from his What’s On The Bench Videos

We tested ParaSnub (aka SnubWay) with a simulated SMPS noise source that has an 1kohm impedance. This is to simulate a typical SMPS transformer impedance between the high frequency generated voltage and the line (mains) that it is connected to. We inject about 5Vpp 400kHz, 100kHz and 60kHz noise using a function generator and get between -30dB to -33dB reduction in noise (about 100mV to 150mVpp). This is a significant amount of noise reduction and can really help clean up the SMPS noise contamination in our power outlet strip. The level of reduction may vary, and will depend on your particular SMPS noise source impedance, your equipment, and your particular house wiring, etc.

A short You Tube Video here




Mark, thanks for posting and kudos for bringing products that possibly make audible improvements. I can definitely put a SnubWay to test in my secondary systems.

Let us know once the finish product available and entry price point. 

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Mark, Nice, clear demonstration. Well done. 

14 day trial at $295 might work best in this market. Maybe test the device in-situ in a resolving analog system to ensure the filter itself causes no deleterious impact on audio quality.

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Great video.  I’m not sure about the $295, but I’d definitely be interested in the two week trial.  The only device I have with a switch mode power supply is my CD transport , but I’m sure the power company isn’t doing me any favors.

I hate spam but I don’t find this post objectionable. The video is informative and the OP forthcoming. Maybe I'm becoming more tolerant in my older age. 

Are product ads now part of the Forum experience here ? Asking for a friend. 


Maybe this helps one imagine what this product is going to be


Don't forget to spin it around a bit - fun 

Thanks - Mark


Very nice demonstration. There is one problem. Does ultrasonic noise in an AC lines affect audio quality with well designed audio equipment? I have never seen any evidence that it does. What people think they hear is anecdotal and highly unreliable. You will sell many units based on the belief that it does and psychoacoustic meanderings. You will loose a lot of sales based on the lack of missing information. Finish the job and you can sell me one. 


Much more data to follow, and it's our collective thought that lowering noise of any kind can effect the overall sound of one's system 

It's on us to prove it - I agree. I also think that with our returns policy one can easily try it and decide - the ULTIMATE arbiter is you. 

Listen and then decide 

Best wishes - Mark  


Mark, those are the same old arguments every scam artist uses and you are better than that. I want to see things like the affect of your device on the output of the power supplies of an assortment of equipment. 

Humans are extremely unreliable when it come to the assessment of subtle changes in sound quality. I include myself in that group although I always try to factor that in when hearing new equipment. The problem is so bad you can not even trust a large sample. On the other hand If I see a quantitative improvement on performance I will go for it. Even if I can't hear an improvement the affect of a number of these small steps is clearly audible.  

Mark - why not put a power inlet on top so the Puron can plug into the Snubway (or vice versa)? I'm running out of outlets! 


Preparing a new Video addressing your comments - I think you and others might find it interesting 


Lots of new I/O coming that should cover your fine idea. Each new idea has it;'s benefits and it's market "Place". 

Thanks - Mark 

mark @verafiaudio 

What is the expected available date? 
I have 4 wall warts plugged into a APC UPS back up and surge protector strip. What would be the recommended installation…power strip or the outlet powering the power strip? 


I would probably want the open outlet on your Duplex at first. 

Thanks very much


Good Evening - Further SnubWay data here 

Many thanks - Mark


For those desiring the Full Tilt Explanation - please visit Viet's thread here

I can release more data. Web site listing to follow on

This is a product that Defeats Noise and Snubs DC - here is brief test description and some pictures to share

Technical details: 256k length FFT acquired at 192kHz Blackman Harris 7 window function with 16 averages. Focusrite 2i4 USB audio interface and REW software. 100kHz 8th order passive brick wall filter on FFT input to prevent data aliasing from high frequency content. FFT scale: 0dB FS is 2.2vrms


We are projecting a Retail of $295.00 at Introduction 


No photo description available.


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May be an image of text that says 'dBFS OdB Noise Floor with and without SnubWay (with offset for clarity) -100 All SPL -105 Measurements made with SE Class A HPA and SMPS power supplies connected to outlet strip 110 120 With SnubWay Noise Defender Installed (trace offset +10dB for clarity) 145 -150 3k No SnubWay 9k WihutSnuWay 11k 13k 20kHz'

May be an image of text

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Good Afternoon

SnubWay is on our new site for Pre Order. We have units already and we are very pleased with the results on several levels 

Please visit our new site if interested 

A few pictures here to share

Many thanks - Mark



Sorry I've been late to get this posted. Just had Oral Surgery and other stuff going on at the same time.

YES OZZY - FUSE BOX MAX (11 amps to 30 amps) ready next week I'm told. About 50% bigger (length) and it's working great. Supply Chain slowed this one down 

Happy Holiday All - Mark