Solid-state alternative to Freya +

I just bought a new set of matched Rogers tubes for my Freya + and they should arrive after Thanksgiving. But it is a budget-buster for me.

What would you suggest as a solid-state alternative? 
Will I be able to sell the Freya + at a premium with the new tubes?

Thanks Audiogon community! 


I have the discontinued Freya S ,since replaced  in the Schiit lineup by the Kara, and it is excellent. Used Freya+ seem to sell very well...

What specific improvements are you looking for, what’s your budget, and are you looking for new or used?

Why not use the Freya+ in SS mode? or buy the LISST (linear, integrated solid-state tube) tube replacement's from Schiit. $50 each. 

Schiit Audio: Audio Products Designed and Built in Texas and California 

If you like the sound of the Freya, why are you worried? You can’t afford to retube it again in 5 years? That’s FIVE years. Maybe longer.

considering how long the tubes last, the SS option, and the availability of low cost replacement tubes, not sure you will save anything by selling it and buying something else...

I owned the Freya+ and have 3 or 4 Schitt pieces playing a crucial role in my headphone setup. The new Schitt Mjolnir  (sp?) headphone/preamp is better to my ears by a lot. I tried this preamp with my Magnepan LRS+ and CODA #16 and Magtech amps. It was great and such a fun listen. It is my warmest sounding preamp.

However, my best warmish preamp is the Holo Serene. This thing is silent like the Benchmark LA4 but it adds a tinge of warmth. The Mjolnir | LA4 | Serene are my end game preamps.