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When I decided to go to digital streaming, I was looking for the best turnkey system for my budget.  When I came across The Small Green Computer Company and Alex, I was intrigued.  And then I saw the optical setup with the Sonore Rendu offered in a bundle with The Small Green Computer Company.  That sealed the deal for me and I have not looked back.  Having used it for over a year now the quality of the digital source in my system is very close to the analog side.  And Alex could not have been more helpful when I did have questions.


If you are looking into starting the digital journey, I highly recommend looking at The Small Green Computer Company offerings.


I got a Sonore Signature Rendu about a year ago in a bundle with a Small Green Computer i5. At the time, I was considering moving from my Sony HAP-Z1ES streamer to a Roon setup. At first I was puzzled by how to get the system set up, but Andrew Gillis at SGC has great writeups and videos on his site that I was able to follow. I have the SGC in a separate room, connected by ethernet to a network switch, with a fiber optic connection from the switch that feeds right into my Signature Rendu.

I would echo your recommendation. I've been using the Signature as my main playback device for the past year and I've been impressed by it. Andrew had been very helpful with questions I've had, and I've appreciated the setup so much that I ended up getting an ultraRendu for another room.

Yeah, I own the Optical Rendu and the Deluxe Optical Module and agree they are excellent.  I have added a little augmentation with the power supplies (I'm using ones from Linear Tube Audio) but I understand that there are excellent options available from Sonore as well.

I began hunting for a streamer for a new system a couple of years ago and compared everything to my Innuos Zenith Mkiii that was running in the old system.  Once I dialed in on my DAC choice (a Mersson DAC1) I compared everything to the Innuos as a streamer.  I tried lower-end stuff from Bluesound (meh) and then iFi's Zen Stream (Better) and then moved up the chain to include Bricasti, an older Auralic, and a couple of all-in-ones (streamer/DACS).  Nothing really knocked off the Innuos used as an endpoint.  Until I got to the Optical Rendu.

I read a few times about the positive effect of the galvanic isolation provided by the conversion of the incoming ethernet signal to an optical signal.  A couple of reviewers that I trust mentioned that this was one of the few things in streaming that actually makes a difference.  After trying the Optical Rendu package, I completely agree.  Finally, there was something that sounded better than my Innuos.  Better separation of instruments and delineation of space and sound stage and dead quiet backgrounds.  And all for a reasonable price point.  At some point, I'd like to upgrade to the "Ultimate Rendu" but Sonore at all levels makes great products that punch way above their price points and (at the upper end) actually push the state-of-the-art.  Don't let these simple little black boxes fool you, if you want a fabulous streamer, Sonore should be on your shortlist.  

I had 3 of the optical Rendus at one time. I only have 1 left, but I am looking to get the new OpticalRendu coming out maybe next month.

I compared the OpticalRendu to the opticalStreamer in the Lumin X1 and they sounded different, but neither was better.

When I first switched to Roon, I thought that an "Audiophile Grade" silent PC running Roon Bridge would be perfect between Roon Core and my DAC.

I then tried the UltraRendu from Sonore-SGC... what a difference ! Every aspect of it was better soundstage, tighter bass, smoother highs. So impressive for such a small device! 

Last year I decided to go optical, and bought a OpticalRendu. Again, what a HUGE improvement, especially a much lower noise floor.  Following Andrew's advices at SGC it was frankly easy to change from Ethernet to Optical, ans SO worth it.  

My budget won't allow for the Signature Rendu, so I'm a bit jealous ;) but not too much, since the OpticalRendu is quite an amazing device.   


I just spoke to Adrian @ Sonore, and he said they hope to have the new OpticalRendu out by this fall. They have had supply chain issues and the parts costs have gone way up. It will be about $500 more than the current OpticalRendu.

In the meantime, I will upgrade my power supply for my MicroRendu (which I love) to the Sonore external supply (about $800!), which I can use with the new OpticalRendu when it comes out. Adrian says upgrading the power supply (from the SGC external PS) will be very noticeable. 

It seems wise to make the leap past the UltraRendu to the OpticalRendu, though with the better Sonore power supply I would probably be very happy with the Ultra also. I am running an SGC Sonictransporter, which imo is excellent. 

I have experimented a lot with my opticalRendu (oR) setup.

1. Power supply quality makes a bit difference. I feel that the Sonore Audiophile Power Supply (SAPS) is a great match for the oR and the opticalModule (oM).

2. The type of SFP matters a great deal to the sound quality. Some sound digital with a low noise floor and a relatively flat soundstage. Others sound more natural, with better timbre, more euphonic with a better depth in soundstage. The best SFP I have that exhibits the latter is the Cisco SFP-10G-AOC1M. I prefer that over the others I’ve tried. And yes: please be very careful and buy the original one - the ones from China on eBay appear to be fake.

Soon, I’ll be placing my oR/oM setup with 2 SAPS, SFP / fiber up for sale to move to the signatureRendu.

Hoping you guys can give me some advice. My Lumin D2 died and so I am looking for an alternative and based on all I've read I want to set up seperate digital streaming with optical rendering going into a USB DAC (still thinking which one; currently have a Mac C47; but probably will do either a Holo May or the Weiss 204 and just use the C47 as pre-amp).

Anyway, what components from SGC do I 'need' to be able to 'feed' the dac, get the benefits of optical rendering and be able to stream without Roon using Tidal or Qobuz from my phone.

Specifically, I'm wondering what is the difference between the Optical Rendu and the Ultra Rendu + Optical Module bundle (this is what Andrew recommended, I'm just trying to understand options).

Also, what improvements are expected in the new Optical Rendu.

Thanks for your expertise; I watch the videos but seems there's more than one solutions through SGC components.

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The setup that I have uses a SGC as a Roon core, which then connects through my home network via Ethernet. The SGC can also be set up in a few other modes that the Rendu players accept. I then have a network switch with an SFP module that converts the signal to optical and a magenta patch cable to feed into a Signature Rendu, with USB going out to the DAC. This same setup would work with an OpticalRendu as it accepts the same fiber optic input.

In a separate setup, I have another network switch with an SFP module which is connected to an optical converter. The Ethernet gets converted to optical in the switch, then back to Ethernet in the converter, which then feeds the ultraRendu, with USB going out to the DAC.

The advantage of Optical vs ultra is that there are fewer boxes and less setup required. The OpticalRendu also has some other internal improvements, and I expect the new OpticalRendu to have even more.

Just as a note, when ordering parts like the SFP modules, you really need to pay attention to specs: frequency, throughput, compatibility with your switch. They aren't all the same and if you get the wrong module, it won't work. I ended up getting a Cisco SFP from since I was using Cisco switches, and their tech support e-mailed me to confirm compatibility before they sent it out. 

I have the top end power supply and cable from Sonore for the OpticalRendu. Not worth it compared to the standard power supply they sell. My system is uber revealing, especially with my RAAL SR1a phones and I could not tell a difference. I had 3 opticalRendus to compare with.

BTW - I see a few OpticalRendu's up for sale. I just re-bought just the oR ROON ONLY version for $700. Great time to pick up a used oR.

I bought the i9 Optical  in order to bypass the router/switch and input to the renderer on my Bricasti dac via a FMC.   Has anyone compared the Optical Module Deluxe to other 'non-deluxe' FMCs?

I have the OpticalRendu Lite, just in, compared to the WiiM Pro it has better soundstage and separation, but surprisingly it isn't a night and day difference.  I'm using Roon and it also cuts of the first second of songs when playback starts.  Small Green Computer's communication has been great.  Jury's still out on whether I'll go a different direction with a streamer.