Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes - What next??

Looking to upgrade speakers from the GP Homes. The new speakers would be used in a combination two and five channel system. The room is 17 x 13 with 9 foot ceilings. Associated equipment:

Classe SSP 60 processor
Sunfire Signature Grand amp
Modified Pioneer DVD player
Velodyne sub
MAS cables

Willing to spend around 3K used. Matching center will be bought seperately. Here are some speakers I am interested in:

Green Mountain Audio Callisto
Gallo Reference III's
Tyler Acoustics
Hyperion Audio
Shahinian Obelisk
Gradient Revolution

Stand mounted or floorstander doesn't matter. I am looking for a speaker that combines the best of electrostats ( which I have owned) with a conventional box speaker. Music choices are jazz and vocalists.

All suggestions are welcome.
When I've read threads on this forum from someone looking for the "best of electrostats mated to a conventional box speaker" More often than not, someone recommends VMPS speakers, which combine a flat panel tweeter and midrange with a cone woofer.
Just today a stand-mounted right and left and a center VMPS speaker system went up for sale at a very good price.

I've also heard great things about Tyler Acoustics and Reimer Acoustics.
"Music choices are jazz and vocalists..."? I don't understand why would you trade SF's when they absolutely RULE in reproducing exactly those styles of music?? What don't you like about Sonus Fabers?
I have a slightly different take on the ST Grand Piano Home's.

At a Sound Advice recently, the rep demo'd the SF Grand Piano and two Martin Logans, one was the Ascent and the model directly above it in the ML lineup.

The rep played a Jazz and Acoustic vocal cd on all three - I walked away with the impression that the Grand Piano Home's were not in the same league as the ML's. I have no idea how the SF GP's are priced in relation to the ML's, but I was not favorably impressed with the Grand's in this particular go-round.

The rep also played the same music on the model above the Grand Piano's and they were extremely smooth, once again, I can't remember the price.

I am not denegrating the SF GP's in any way, just my opinion based on my 51 yr old ears.
Thanks for the recommendation on VMPS speakers. I have always been intrigued by them but have never heard them. Most of their models are too big for my room. I will check out the stand mounted speakers as an option.


The SF GP Homes are very good with vocals but I agree that Martin Logans are better. I owned ML Requests which are too big for my current room. ML's also have a narrow sweet spot which is not practical for HT. That is why I am interested in a dipole speaker for the first time.

Please keep the suggestions coming!

I have heard the Vienna Acoustics speakers and felt they were not quite what I am looking for. They were very similar to AP Virgo II's which I owned but to my ears not quite as good.
Hiflyer in April the new Grandpiano Domus will be released and looks like a Cremona but cheaper.
see photos here:
Hi Kops,

The new Grandpiano Domus looks interesting. But I would like to try another brand of speakers. You know how we are!

Anyone have anything to say about the Green Mountain Callistos or Gradient Revolution??