Sony SCAD Stopped WOrking

I own the Sony SCD-777ES and it was not reading discs from time to time and now it won't even open up, nothing.

Any help or jsut send it back to Sony???

It can happen to the best of them. Call Sony up and see what they say. Is it still under warranty?
Older Sony units are notorious for this...better to upgrade than to fix it....
This is a no-brainer. You don't simply throw away a $3500 SACD player if it is still under warranty.Even if you bought this piece the day SACD came to market(1999), it would still be under warranty. 3 year warranty in Canada and 5 year in the USA. You will probably have to send it to Boston because that's where they repair the ES products, but you will get this fine player back in perfect working condition. You paid good money for this machine and they need(and will) fix it for you. Gary.
Your problem is the exact reason I will never buy ANY Sony product again. Their ES or XBR "premium" products are not well built; its only a matter of time before they break. By all means, get it fixed under warranty; Sony owes you that! But, after that, get rid of it and buy a unit from a manufacturer that cares!